By People Staff
October 31, 1977 12:00 PM

It Ain’t Him, Babe

Berkeley’s three-day “Bread and Roses Festival” benefiting prisoners and hospital patients featured Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Maria Muldaur, Pete Seeger and 28 others. The last-night sellout crowd was agog waiting for Bob Dylan, whose surprise appearance had been repeatedly rumored. Suddenly a wispy figure in dark glasses, broad-brimmed hat, sideburns and mustache ambled onstage and sang One Too Many Mornings in an unmistakable nasal whine. Many in the crowd left satisfied that they had seen the elusive Dylan. Yet the answer was blowin’ in the wind. It was really a well-disguised Joan Baez, doing her bit for Bobby.

The King and Ai-yi-yi!

The scene: a stretch of road on Spain’s Autopista between Madrid and Galicia. A young man on a motorbike recently ran out of gas at 4 p.m.—just at the end of siesta time—and flagged down a passing biker. He stopped his Bultaco, picked up the stranded man and roared off to the nearest gas station—followed ominously by a black limousine. Arriving, the relieved traveler thrust out his hand in thanks, but the rescuer ignored the gesture, flipped back the visor of his safety helmet, and said, “You’re not going to walk back. Have them fill the can. I’ll wait for you.” Astounded, the young man recognized King Juan Carlos I, out on another freedom ride to sample the sounds and exhaust smells of his realm.

Marathon Man

“Together you step from the darkness / The sun is beginning to rise,” went their wedding ceremony’s moony lyrics just last April, but the marriage of producer Bob (Black Sunday) Evans, 47, and CBS sportscaster Phyllis George, 28, may be sinking slowly in the west. Phyllis supposedly wants out, and Evans has told friends he doesn’t care if he’s “married 11 times.” (Phyllis is No. 4.) Their wedding, he jokes, was a mistake he made because he was too sleepy from an argument he’d had with Phyllis the night before. For her part, the former Miss America is frequently retreating to her parents’ home in Texas and has traveled out of town as long as three and a half weeks. Though at least one lawyer has been contacted and acquaintances are sniping cruelly about his box office disappointments affecting her potential alimony, the Evanses are maintaining a stiff-upper-lip service. “At this time, 1:15 p.m. on October 18,” Evans recently affirmed, “we are happily married.” ‘

Star War

She’s supposed to play little Dorothy in The Wiz, but Diana Ross made like the Wicked Witch of the West on the movie’s New York set. Told that she’d have to share apartment sitting rooms with cameo star Lena Home (director Sidney Lumet’s mother-in-law), the usually cooperative Ross tempestuously vetoed any such notion. Next. Diana demanded that her sumptuously appointed dressing room in an on-set camper be refurbished. “This is ridiculous. Who does she think she is?” complained one grip. “There’s $10,000 worth of furniture in her dressing room, and she’s not happy?” asked another. “The camper could pass for a Bloomingdale’s showroom.”


•The Elvis Presley mania churns on. The latest to cash in are the King’s Kansas cousins, twin brothers Terry and Jerry Presley, 27, who’ve renewed a soundalike/lookalike Elvis act for fans who want to see double.

•Only Lucille Ball’s hairdresser knows for sure if her hair is really that color or if it’s just ascending embarrassment. At a recent Dinah! taping, Lucy and singer Beverly Sills were startled to discover (along with everyone else within eyeshot)that their locks are precisely the same shade of red. Blurted the 66-year-old Ball to Bev, “How in the world did you get my recipe?”

•Before sagging into his airplane seat, the Star asked the stew for a “safe” seatmate (and not some nosy writer or fan). When a teenage boy plopped down next to him, the Star objected. “No, that’s the person we’ve arranged to sit there,” explained the stewardess. It hardly mattered. Throughout the flight, the kid either didn’t know or didn’t care, because he never so much as glanced at Kris Kristofferson.