By Melody Wells
Updated February 19, 2007 12:00 PM

Simon and Paula Sitting in a Tree

Paula Abdul has a new trick for dealing with the always sarcastic Simon Cowell on American Idol: “Now that I get his humor, I’ll say what he’s thinking before him. He hates it!” Abdul, 44, also says some flirting goes on under the judges’ table. “When I’m trying to concentrate, Simon pokes me, like boys did in school when they liked you!” So is a romance brewing? “Simon says I have this mad crush on him. But, Simon, if you have to talk about it, I think it’s quite the opposite.”

“I wear one of those elastic waist cinchers, because you would not believe how small those dresses are. That and La Perla. Well, the La Perla’s not for the awards show—it’s for after.”

—JADA PINKETT SMITH on dressing for the red carpet


Missing Alias: I still get emotional about it. For Christmas, [the show’s creator] J.J. Abrams gave all of us this huge leather-bound book of pictures starting with the pilot. I can’t look at it without crying!

Not keeping her Sydney Bristow costumes: I don’t care about that stuff. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of wigs that only fit my head floating around L.A.

Working on the male-dominated set of her romantic comedy Catch and Release: There’s nothing better than being the only girl in a group of guys. There was banter, friendship and them treating me like a dude—it was heaven.

Choosing roles very carefully: I have to really love something a lot to [decide] not to be with my little girl every day.

FREE ASSOCIATION with OLIVIER MARTINEZ, currently starring in the werewolf drama Blood & Chocolate

Qualities you look for in a woman: It’s all about vibrations. I don’t believe in words—I believe in actions. [Conversation] is a waste of time.

Hollywood’s hottest girl is: … Are you trying to trap me?

Bizarre fan interactions: Any fan who likes me is quite well-educated. I never have any problems!

Posh and Becks moving to the U.S.: David Beckham is more a fashion icon than a soccer player. It might make more fans here, though. For the amount of money [he’s getting paid], he’d better help!