By Melody Wells
Updated March 19, 2007 12:00 PM
  • “I felt like such a man before I took that shot.”
  • JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, wincing after knocking back a shot of tequila midway through his Madison Square Garden concert


Since playing a rich lawyer who falls for a mechanic in Daddy’s Little Girls, Gabrielle Union swears she’d be happy dating outside of her tax bracket. “Women hold on to the antiquated idea of Prince Charming we developed when we were 9,” says Union, 34, who split with her husband, former NFL player Chris Howard, in 2005. “I don’t need a white horse or a white Porsche. If you’re a garbageman and you can maintain your lifestyle with your own paycheck, I don’t have a problem with that.” Still, the actress does have her limits. For example? “If you want to smoke and play basketball all day, I can’t ride with that.”


Here’s one surefire way to get an actor looking edgy onscreen—take away his cigarettes! When Ryan Phillippe signed on to the Chris Cooper spy drama Breach, director Billy Ray asked him to stop sparking up. “He said [your clean-cut character] wouldn’t smoke,” explains Phillippe, 32. “I think that’s one of the craziest sacrifices you can make in preparation for a part!” The method actor graciously obliged—until he found out Cooper was still tearing through a pack a day. “I was like, ‘Why is Chris smoking when I had to quit?’ He’s a chain-smoker, so it became difficult working together. Luckily the tension fit into the scenes.”

3 Questions For …


Currently starring in the male-bonding biker flick Wild Hogs

1. Was it hard to rock those chaps?

I am a big fan of wearing leather. But [offscreen], my [teenage] daughter Kate is my stylist. She makes sure I don’t embarrass her.

2. What was your most memorable road trip?

In college I took a trip with the best-looking girl—she drove her Camaro in a bikini! Heading back to L.A. from Washington State, she wanted to stop by the Capitol. I told her it’s in Washington, D.C. She said, “That’s silly. Why would we have two Washingtons?” I’m glad I didn’t hook up with her.

3. How can you get a man to discuss his feelings, like you guys do in the movie?

At first [when men talk] it’s all cars and sports. You have to dig deep. Ladies, make them see The Notebook. You’ll break ’em!