By Danielle Anderson
December 18, 2006 12:00 PM

Josh: Camera Shy?

Here’s one celebrity who doesn’t bask in the blinding glow of flash bulbs—Josh Duhamel. “I got invited to the premiere of Babel, and my mom was in town, so she was going to go with me. But she couldn’t make it, so I got all dressed up to go alone,” says the actor, 34, now starring in the thriller Turistas. “I drove up, and there were all these cameras,” says Duhamel, “so I just kept driving. It’s not that I’m afraid of [the attention], but unless I’m supposed to be there, I don’t like to go.”

KATE WINSLET, currently starring in the romantic comedy The Holiday, on …

What makes her do a happy dance: I still get thrilled by the hotel experience. I’m like, “Oh God, the pillows are so fluffy!” And all the cute little things in the bathroom … and wow, the room service!

Heartbreak: As a teenager I always fell for the wrong guy. Or I was the girl who never got the guy, certainly not the cute guy.

Her best dramatic performance: When I was 15, I fancied this guy, but he wasn’t interested. I remember wandering in the rain hopelessly depressed, indulging in the emotion of it all. A few days later, I thought, “God, what a waste of time!”

Vacations: Before I went to India someone told me, “A little India goes a long way.” After two days I was ready to leave. It was the biggest culture shock.


Newest 007 Daniel Craig hasn’t shared any shaken martinis with his predecessors Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. “I was asked if there was a secret group,” says Craig, 38. “We were trying to decide if I’d be kidnapped one night and get a bag pulled off my head and say, ‘Hi, guys!'” He did find a friend in Brosnan. “He said, ‘Go for it. You’ll have the ride of your life.'”

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What I miss most about MP … How about my youth?

Working on the Desperate Housewives set: Felicity Huffman hides behind Dumpsters and jumps out and scares people. I’m one of her constant victims.

Embarrassing moment: Most of my career.

Raising four kids: I’m the really loud guy at all the sporting events.

Eva Longoria falling from her trailer: Felicity called her and said, “If you’re gonna die, can I have your house and your car [on the set]?” It’s really a fun-loving group.