October 23, 2006 12:00 PM


Famke Janssen may have played a mind-reading mutant in X-Men: The Last Stand (now out on DVD). But she couldn’t pick up on her costars’ plottings. “In one scene I’m lying on a table in a coma while Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman are doing dialogue over my head,” remembers Janssen, 41. When told they were going to shoot without them talking, Janssen told herself, “Don’t move or think about anything funny.” When the silence became less than golden, Janssen opened her eyes. “Everybody left! They all thought it was hilarious. ”

“When I was a teenager, I was driven to watch the most turgid, existentialist things, German Expressionist films and stuff. It took me a long time to appreciate Will Ferrell movies.”

—SEAN LENNON, who recently released his second solo album, to New York magazine


Penélope Cruz received a rare request from her director while playing a mom in her latest film, Volver: Please pad your posterior. “To me, the iconography of mothers is more curvaceous,” says Pedro Almodóvar. “Penélope naturally has the [breasts], but the bottom was not enough. I wanted a more voluminous [rear].” The solution? A prosthetic device inspired by the fake derriere Dustin Hoffman wore as a cross-dresser in 1982’s Tootsie. “We were laughing so hard because people thought it was really Dustin’s butt—that it was the same piece of material!” says Cruz, 32. “They asked [Hoffman], ‘How do you feel about her wearing your bottom?'”

FREE ASSOCIATION with RAY ROMANO, whose animated comedy Ice Age: The Meltdown comes out on DVD Nov. 21

Britney Spears has her second baby: I was nowhere near her. I was with Paris Hilton at the time.

Celebrity baby names: If you’re gonna name your kid a fruit, you’ve gotta put “head” at the end. You know, Applehead, Peachhead—just to say, “Okay, I’m a little pretentious, but I have a sense of humor also.”

TomKat wedding rumors: I guess he never watched my show. If people think he’s in another atmosphere, marriage will bring him right back down to earth.

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