By Danielle Anderson
September 04, 2006 12:00 PM


Celebrity couples often blame their breakups on the perils of long-distance relationships. But Hilary Duff doesn’t buy it. “[Boyfriend Joel Madden and I] have dated for two years but are very independent; we don’t spend every waking moment together,” Duff, 18, now starring in Material Girls, says of her 18-month relationship with the Good Charlotte frontman. “He tours for months and I’ll try to visit or he’ll try to come home. But time apart is good. It gives us time to miss each other. And the time we spend together—really good!”


Wentworth Miller is known for scheming his way out of sticky situations on the hit show Prison Break. Turns out he’s had practice. “I used to temp in L.A. One day—right before lunch—the boss drops 75 packages on my desk and says, ‘These have to go out today.’ Then she said, ‘Oh, and we’re out of mailing labels—you’ll have to write out all 75 addresses and return addresses,'” says Miller, 34, whose first season of Prison Break is now on DVD. The actor put his escape plan into effect. “I said ‘Okay,’ picked up my belongings, went to lunch and called her from the parking lot. I said, ‘I just found out I have an audition. I won’t be back.'”

Last week’s terror plot sparked a whole host of new restrictions for commercial air travel. Jet-setting celebs tell us how they’re adapting

Breckin Meyer: [On my next flight] I’m not going to bring any hair gel or ChapStick. I’m not [traveling] with my wife, so I don’t have to look that pretty. If I have an iPod, I’m good.

Jessica Biel: You already can’t bring your tweezers. And now you can’t walk on with a bottle of water. That’s a problem for me. If I were traveling with a carry-on only, I would be totally screwed.

Samuel L. Jackson: I like carrying on my own bottle of water so I can take Airborne—there are always people coughing and sneezing. Now I will just have to plan ahead and take it before I get on.

Ed Norton: I just flew down from Toronto and I didn’t have a problem. I didn’t have to take anything out. I don’t tend to carry toothpaste in my carry-on.

Sophia Bush: I have to check my luggage because of toiletries—a girl has got to have her shampoo.

Holly Robinson Peete: I get dry easily and need lotion for my hands, so it’s a bit of a bummer. But it’s a small price to pay.