March 27, 2006 12:00 PM


Some would leap at the chance to bare all for Colin Farrell—and then there’s Salma Hayek. “I was in such a state,” Hayek, 39, says of their nude scene for the drama Ask the Dust. “It was the one scene I did not want to do. I said, ‘I do not want to come out.'” Farrell’s humor helped Hayek shed her threads. “I finally come out all covered up, and Colin’s completely naked, jumping around in the sand doing ballet dances. I started laughing. It relaxed me.” The notorious playboy was also the perfect gentleman. “For all the stories you hear, I was like, ‘Will he try and get funny here?'” says Hayek. “But he never looked down—he looked in my eyes the whole time. I was very surprised.”


“I was a little shocked—it was so big!” Molly Sims says of her poster-size centerfold in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s 2006 swimsuit issue. As for the teeny-tiny diamond bikini she wore, “I wish it was $40 million instead of $30 million [worth of bling]. The end product was beautiful, but I’m your girl-next-door, and it was like, ‘Mamma mia.'” Though Sims, 32, warned her parents (“I said, ‘Listen, Daddy, I’m going to forward you this picture, and you call me back.’ He was like, ‘Oh my Lord'”), the photo received sparkling reviews on the Las Vegas set. “My crew said, ‘We see you in a whole different way now, Molls—do you mind signing it?'” says Sims. “Finally I said, ‘Just leave the stack in my trailer. And don’t sell them on eBay.'”


Life is good for rapper LL Cool J. He’s got a new album, Todd Smith (featuring a duet with Jennifer Lopez called “Control Myself”), and a concert airing on the Oxygen Network March 18. Not that he doesn’t have his off days. Cool J recalls “taking my bows after a show in Connecticut. It was a great concert—I was the man. Then I tripped over a speaker going offstage. I fell in front of 5,000 people. And broke my watch.” The crowd gasped, he says, as “I lay there for 10 seconds. Then I jumped up and said, ‘Just kidding!’ and ran backstage. I haven’t emotionally recovered yet.”


On-set gore: The most disturbing thing was the director gleefully showing me the torture sets, like a kid showing off his Christmas presents.

Saw II out on DVD: Fans are more likely to have nightmares from watching old “Hangin’ Tough” videos [from my New Kids on the Block days].

Growing up with brother Mark Wahlberg: We shared a bed with my brother Bob, and every night there would be some kind of psychological torture, like Bob blowing his nose on my head.

St. Patrick’s Day: My brothers getting into various fights at the parade in South Boston is an annual tradition.

Dancing with the Stars: They wouldn’t cast me—there’d be no contest. I’d have to be one of the professional dancers.

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