July 25, 2005 12:00 PM

Depp’s Childish Chic

Johnny Depp says his quirky style is so old school, it’s pre-school. “I was 3 years old and my mom and dad dressed me up as a hobo for Halloween. The only difference between now and then is that then they drew more beard on me than I can actually grow,” says Depp, 42, who stars as Willy Wonka in the comedy remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “And now I have more hair on my head. But it’s not too dissimilar.” Feeling like a bum could explain Depp’s inability to understand his allure to female fans. Says Depp: “I have no idea why. Maybe they saw a snippet of me in drag in Ed Wood or Before Night Falls and hey feel really sorry for me and want to give me tips on dressing as a woman.”

Connelly’s Fear Factor

Before Jennifer Connelly could play a tenant tormented by her haunted apartment building in the horror film Dark Water; she first had to brave the research. “I watched so many scary movies, it’s ridiculous. My husband [actor Paul Bettany] and I would rent three a night,” says the Oscar winner, 34. “I loved Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining. And When a Stranger Calls—that was just terrifying.” Connelly admits that she was too frightened to watch half the time. “Paul kept saying, ‘You’re missing the whole friggin’ movie!'” says Connelly. “I’ve been acting since I was 11, so I know how movies are made. But it doesn’t make me a jaded moviegoer—I’m the first one hiding under the seat.”

Caine: No ‘Sir’

Michael Caine hasn’t let the knighthood he received in 2000 go to his head. “It’s a great honor if you’re English, but it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else in the world,” says Caine, 72, currently starring as Alfred the butler in Batman Begins. “So to go around expecting people to call you ‘Sir’ is ridiculous. I insist on sets that everyone call me Michael. [When I first started out], I was treated like dirt by the stars sometimes, so that formed how I behave on a set. I never lose my temper. [Instead] I go home and smash the windows.”

Vince’s Pickup Whines

Vince Vaughn shares one trait with the womanizer he plays in the comedy Wedding Crashers: He doesn’t enjoy traditional dates. “I don’t like the feeling of going to pick up someone that I don’t know that well at their house,” says Vaughn, 35. “It’s uncomfortable. It’s like when you’re younger and your mom makes you dress up and go to some formal function: You’re just being polite and it’s not a great time.” As a boyfriend, Vaughn’s not the warm and fuzzy type either. “I’m romantic to some degree,” says the actor. “If I really like somebody, you can say hi to me in public. I’m a real soft heart.”

Bullock’s Hot Wheel Hookup

George Lopez gets fly with a little help from his friends Sandra Bullock and her mechanic boyfriend, Jesse James. “Jesse hooked me up with rims for my Porsche. They’re like masterpieces, man,” says Lopez, 44. “Everybody sees it and says, That’s an amazing car.’ This dude is brilliant.” Lopez doesn’t hesitate to remind Bullock of the catch she has. Says the comedian: “I told Sandra, ‘If you don’t marry him, I will'”

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