December 12, 2005 12:00 PM


Reese Witherspoon‘s 2-year-old son Deacon didn’t help her confidence about her singing in Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic in which she plays June Carter Cash. “They sent me a CD of [the soundtrack],” says Witherspoon, 29. When she played it in the car, “Deacon put his fingers in his ears and said, ‘I hate this song. Turn it off!’ It was me singing!”


George Clooney is having bad flashbacks now that two of his movies—Good Night, and Good Luck and Syriana—are being released so close to one another. “I had two movies come out in a row [in 1997]: Bat man & Robin and The Peacemaker,” says Clooney, 44. “I buried the Bat franchise and almost brought down DreamWorks all in one year.” The superhero shtick proved to be kryptonite for the actor. “There was a moment when [director] Joel Schumacher looked at me in my rubber suit with nipples, and he’s like, ‘Fabulous!'” says Clooney. “I thought, ‘Uh-oh—this isn’t going to go well.’ ”


That ’70s Show costars Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson share a closer bond: She’s been dating Danny’s brother Chris Masterson, of Malcolm in the Middle, for seven years. “I’ve never had a serious boyfriend before,” says Prepon, 25, who plays Donna. “Danny couldn’t be happier that we’re dating. Chris and I make each other want to be better people.” But filming Oxygen’s Dec. 3 comedy Romancing the Bride quelled any urge to head down the aisle. “We filmed in Acapulco, and I ran around in a wedding dress in 100-degree weather,” she says. “Between takes they’d blow a fan under my dress. Now I definitely don’t want to get married anytime soon.”


Eric Stoltz filmed the SCI FI mystery series The Triangle in shark-infested waters near the coast of South Africa, but the scariest moment happened off camera. “I was in my dressing room when a panicky voice came over a bullhorn saying, ‘Everyone, stay in your rooms!'” says Stoltz, 44, whose three-night miniseries begins Dec. 5. “Of course I immediately opened my door and saw that our camp had been invaded by a troop of 40 baboons—big ones, small ones, tiny babies hanging onto their mothers’ necks. They were marching through like, ‘Hey, look—a bunch of stuff for us to smell!'” Though startled, Stoltz found comfort in familiarity. “They were all redheads,” says the actor. “So I think I saw some ancestors in there.”

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