By Molly Lopez
November 21, 2005 12:00 PM


The Legend of Zorro made Catherine Zeta-Jones nostalgic about her courtship with Michael Douglas. “This film was not just professionally important but personally important, “says the actress, 36, who married Douglas five years ago. “Michael saw me in the first one [1998’s The Mask of Zorro] and then seduced me. He hounded me, following me around the world until he found me. And look at me now, two kids later.” Reprising her role as a 19th-century Spanish siren had its challenges, even for a fashionista. “I constantly squeeze myself into uncomfortable stuff, but I don’t wear three petticoats,” she says, “I have no idea how they got dressed. I’m for women’s lib—throw off that bra!”


Although Robert Downey Jr. plays Michelle Monaghan’s love interest in the comedy Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, the actress had some very close personal contact with another costar—namely, the spider that crawled down her bra on cue. “They actually have spider wranglers,” says Monaghan, 29. “They hired two guys to [get] the spider to go just so. It was pretty amazing.” She remained unruffled—but not her manly costars. “Robert and Val [Kilmer] were really freaked out about it,” says the actress. “I wasn’t. I’m a bit of a tomboy.” Downey Jr. doesn’t mind fessing up to his fear. “I’m terrified of spiders,” he admits. “Even saying the word elicits chills.”


“I’m very out of the loop,” says newcomer Amber Heard, 19, who plays a young version of Charlize Theron‘s character in North Country. “I grew up in Texas without a television.” So when she met Justin Timberlake for their upcoming movie Alpha Dog, she was completely out of sync. “I didn’t know anything Justin had done,” she says. “I knew he was in a band and was famous, but it didn’t register. I saw in a tabloid that he and Cameron [Diaz] were engaged. Naively, I said, ‘Congratulations.’ He responded, ‘Honey, that’s been printed since she and I met.’ I was like, ‘Oh, so it’s not true?’ And he just looked at me like, ‘No, its not true.’ ” Not that Timberlake isn’t smitten with Cameron, says Heard: “I heard a lot about her in the makeup trailer. I think Justin is pretty in love.”