September 26, 2005 12:00 PM


On a show with as many twists as Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria still finds herself surprised by one group of the show’s fans: teenagers. “I’m like, ‘What are you doing watching our show?’ ” says Longoria, 30. “They probably like me because I was with a teenager [Jesse Metcalfe, who played her gardener] for half the season.” Her young followers aren’t content to watch her on the tube. “I’ve gotten many letters to go to high school proms,” says Longoria, who’s dating NBA star Tony Parker. “I almost took one up because he was willing to do car washes to raise money for my plane ticket,” she says. “I thought, ‘I want to go just because he’s a hard worker.’ ”


Having generated press since age 10 by winning an Oscar for her role as a scrappy orphan in 1973’s Paper Moon, Tatum O’Neal has some wisdom for today’s crop of teenage partyers. “Pace yourself if you want longevity, because you’ll burn out if you’re not careful,” says the actress, 41, currently guest-starring on FX’s Rescue Me. “People like Brad Pitt or Drew Barrymore [have had long careers]—because they don’t go out much. I would also advise going to college like Natalie Portman to enrich yourself. It’s so easy to get lost in being fabulous and famous. You can wake up when you’re 21 and have seen and done everything. You have all this money, but what do you do with yourself? You’ve been overexploited. No one’s going to cast you because they think you’re a party girl.”


(The actress’s 1995 hit comedy Clueless, in which her peers transform her from dork to diva, recently came out on DVD.)

1. Cultivate individuality.

“Don’t ever try to look how somebody else wants you to look. Go and dye your hair pink if it makes you happy.”

2. Pluck prudently.

“Eyebrows don’t grow back as easily as other body hairs. I regret putting such a high arch in my eyebrows—but I had so many to work with!”

3. Be resourceful.

“I layered my cousin’s hair with tiny pedicure scissors, and it came out great. I’m a frustrated hairdresser—it was always my backup career.”

4. Don’t rush yourself.

“After a long workweek, you don’t want to make any irrational decisions like shaving your head.”

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