February 28, 2005 12:00 PM

Inside Keri’s Closet

“Do I have a stylist? No!” says Keri Russell, who prefers to do her own primping and preening. “I probably should look better than I do, but honestly, the less people around touching me the better,” says the former Felicity star, 28, who appears with Kevin Costner in the drama The Upside of Anger, due March 11. “I do wear high heels a lot more than I ever did; New York kind of brings that out,” adds Russell, who moved from L.A. to Manhattan in 2003. “But I’m clearly not a fashionista. I wear my same jacket, jeans and Vans skater shoes every day.” Not that she’s apologizing for her low-maintenance look. “I know photographers are like, ‘We don’t want her. She’s boring.’ I’m like, This is all I’ve got.'”

Raves for Reeves

“I had my preconceived notions like anybody else,” says Shia LaBeouf of Keanu Reeves, his costar in the thriller Constantine, which was adapted from a comic book. “He’s the ‘Whoa’ guy. But it was a dream to work with him and the Matrix stunt team.” Reeves, however, was more concerned with acting than action. “Keanu is about being respected as an actor, that’s all he wants in life,” says LaBeouf, 18. “If you say, ‘Hey, man, Matrix was awesome,’ he doesn’t want to hear it. But you say, There was a scene in Bram Stoker’s Dracula with you and Gary Oldman and you were on point,’ he’ll smile like a teenage girl on prom night.”

Daniels’s Family Plan

Jeff Daniels doesn’t bring his work home. “We moved [to Michigan] in 1986 because I didn’t want to raise the kids in Hollywood,” says the actor, 50, who has three children with wife Kathleen. “The joke is, I didn’t want to go on Easter egg hunts at Sly Stallone’s house.” Even so, Daniels still gets recognized—sort of. “I get, ‘Excuse me, Mr. Bridges? Can I get an autograph?'” laughs Daniels, now starring in the family comedy Because of Winn-Dixie. “On the flip side, imagine Jeff Bridges being told how great he was in Dumb and Dumber.”

Amber Gets Hitched

In the comedy Hitch, Amber Valletta finds love thanks to matchmaker Will Smith—a familiar scenario to the actress. “My parents set up the first date between my husband and me,” says Valletta, 31, who is married to pro volleyball player Chip McCaw. “We’re from the same town, and my parents and I bumped into him at Linens ‘n Things. I was like, ‘Wow, he’s cute!’ We got home, and my stepdad called his mom—they made a date for us that night.” For those lacking parental assistance, Valletta has some dating tips. “Your No. 1 concern is hygiene—nothing hanging out of your nose. And just be yourself.” Does her man measure up to those qualifications? Says Valletta: “He does now!”

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