January 31, 2005 12:00 PM

Mullally’s Folly

Megan Mullally knows all about wardrobe malfunctions. “I was the lead in a Cole Porter musical set in 1920s Paris when I was about 30. There was this big dance number, but my costume was not made to move around in. It was made to look pretty and sit in a chair,” says the actress, 46, who is performing in the American Songbook concert series at Lincoln Center on Feb. 11. “So I’m doing this number which is like a Charleston, hopping up and down and moving my arms around. I thought, ‘God, something feels odd.’ I got offstage, and both of my boobs were literally on top of the costume, like they were resting on a shelf. I got a big round of applause for that.”

Lean Mrs. Sheen

Two and a Half Men’s Charlie Sheen may be able to offer some insight into the way celebrities like his wife, actress Denise Richards, stay fit while pregnant. “She doesn’t use it as an excuse to suddenly eat for two. People seem to forget that the second person they are eating for is only like four ounces large,” says the actor, 39, who is expecting his second child with Richards next June. Still, the couple are prepared in case any cravings do kick in. “There are pickles and Häagen-Dazs in the refrigerator, though I don’t believe they’ve been consumed simultaneously.”

Rogan Rejects Reality

Just because he hosts a reality show doesn’t mean Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan would ever consider being a contestant on one. “I’m not a snob about television, but I wouldn’t want to go on any reality show,” says Rogan, 37. “Survivor would be so annoying. Hanging out on an island with a bunch of idiots trying to make a fire with two sticks? I don’t think so. I’ve got stuff to do. And The Bachelorette? That interests me the least. Marriage is the most ridiculous thing you could ever do.”

Freeman Exercises Caution

Seasoned actor Morgan Freeman, currently costarring as a former boxer turned gym manager in Million Dollar Baby, has been in the business long enough to know not to count his box office blockbusters before they’re hatched. Although he will soon appear as Lucius Fox, a family friend of Bruce Wayne’s, in the upcoming adventure Batman Begins—which looks to be a surefire smash—Freeman isn’t banking on reprising his role in a future installment of the franchise. “I haven’t signed anything. And that’s if [the film succeeds] and they do a Batman Continues On,” says the actor, 67. “That’s a big question. You just never know. They knew they had a winner with Alexander—you know that, right? Colin Farrell? How can you miss with Colin Farrell? Easy.”

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