August 09, 2004 12:00 PM

Have You Ever Googled Yourself?

Sheryl Crow: I haven’t, but I did Google a reporter who I was going to meet.

Eric McCormack: Yes, I have. The first 10 entries are usually me, but then I get this 65-year-old author in Canada who has my name.

Nia Vardalos: There are amazing rumors about me. Apparently I’ve slept with a lot more people than I thought I had.

Tom Arnold: Of course I have. People make fun of me, how fat I am. They make me laugh. I like it.

Tara Reid: Naked pictures of girls with my head on their bodies came up. The bodies clearly weren’t mine, but it was funny.

Andy Roddick: You can get the articles written in the last 24 hours, and if someone is being a jackass [toward me], I like to know.

Samaire Armstrong (The O.C.): People write journals as if they’re me. Like “Dear Diary, today I…” and they tell these awful stories. I’m sure people think, What is she talking about?

Mark Ruffalo: At first I thought, Wow, 2,000 hits, but most of the hits came up for Mark Ruffalo, [an L.A.-area] Harley-Davidson dealer. That man owes me a motorcycle!

Julianne Moore: No, I can’t. I find it too disturbing.

Jesse L. Martin: I went to an event with my cousin Tasha, who had never been on the red carpet, and my mom said, “If you Google yourself, you can see the picture of you and Tasha—and you all look so cute.”

Kid Rock: I typed in “Kid Rock” and “Johnny Cash funeral” to see if there was anything on me and Hank Williams Jr. There was a nice shot of us in black suits, which I saved.

Diane Neal (Law & Order: SVU): I found a whole site dedicated to a leather jacket I wore in one episode.

Peter Gallagher: I’ve done it. I just wanted to make sure I still existed.

Jennifer Connelly: I’m inept with computers. But there’s some site that has pictures of me with elongated noses.

Kevin James: Once in summer camp, but I don’t like to talk about it.

Christina Milian: I found out that I was canoodling with Derek Jeter in a restaurant. I haven’t even met him, let alone kissed him. I have a boyfriend, and [Jeter] is too old for me anyway.

Sean Astin: Yes, and I was amused that there is all this homoerotic art to be found on The Lord of the Rings on the Internet.

Melissa Joan Hart: I haven’t, but my family and friends have, and there’s a story that I can recite pi up to 390 [decimal places]. I don’t know where they got that [idea].

Survivor host Jeff Probst: The best site said that Ryan Seacrest and I were an item. I was called the older veteran of reality TV, and he was the young upstart. That really got to me.

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