December 06, 2004 12:00 PM

Force of Will

Regina King has worked with some of Hollywood’s most vivacious leading men, including Jamie Foxx in Ray. But one actor stands out in King’s mind. “If Will Smith worked at Subway, he’d still love himself,” says King, 33, who costarred with Smith in the 1998 thriller Enemy of the State. “He’d be the best sandwich maker there, and he’d tell you about it: ‘When I make my turkey and cheese sandwich, see, I melt the cheese!’ He’s so proud of whatever he does, and I love that.”

Courtney’s Rocker Daughter

These days rocker Courtney Love need look no further than her own 12-year-old daughter Frances for styling tips. “My daughter right now has the coolest haircut in town. She actually went fashion forward, God bless her,” says Love, 40, who will begin recording a new album on Christmas Eve. “She stopped with the scrunchie and got a cool shag with that perfect blonde hair of hers. She’s got cool little feathers and highlights, even though she’s blonde. I didn’t know she was going to do it, but she just showed up with a great rock mullet. I love it.”

Tim’s Bad Tan

A trip to a tanning salon isn’t one of Tim Allen’s favorite activities. “Even as a kid, I never liked being in a bathing suit,” says Allen, 51, who had to strip down to his trunks to film a scene for his holiday comedy Christmas with the Kranks. “I had to stand there with two girls and another guy greasing me up, putting stuff on my face. There was a lot of oil, and I just felt vulnerable and stupid. [We filmed] at a mall too, and they couldn’t shut the mall down. So people were taking pictures [of me]. Yeah, that was a great day.”

Jared: Horse Trouble

“I’m surprised nobody died on the movie,” says Jared Leto, 32, describing the arduousness of shooting the epic battle scenes in Alexander. “[Director Oliver Stone] would have us riding in a line through the forest. And when the horses come up on trees, they get confused. They don’t know which way to go, so they switch gaits, which throws you off because you’re riding bareback with a skirt on.” Not surprisingly, there was no shortage of battle scars. “The horses were running at full speed. So you’re holding on for dear life,” says Leto, who plays the trusted friend of the Macedonian king (Colin Farrell). “People were breaking legs, arms, and shattering rib cages. After every take, they’d be on loudspeaker, ‘Okay, where is everybody?’ And you’d see a horse running off without a rider.”

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