June 07, 2004 12:00 PM
  • Baby-Babbling Brooke
  • Brooke Shields‘s 1-year-old daughter Rowan loves having Mom read her stories before her 8:30 bedtime. “Ten Little Ladybugs and Pat the Bunny are her favorite books,” says Shields, 39. “I’m lucky, because then she sleeps through the night.” When awake, a lively Rowan hones her shtick. “She loves the camera,” reports Shields. “She’s always doing funny things. She came up to me today and said ‘Hi’ in this voice that sounded like she had a cigarette and a gin in one hand, like she was this little lounge singer.” So has she inherited her mom’s passion for fashion? “She’s actually more into the hangers, so I’m safe.”
  • Buoy Trouble
  • As a teen, Jake Gyllenhaal juggled two summer jobs on Martha’s Vineyard. “I was a lifeguard and a busboy. I would lifeguard from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., then go to the restaurant from 5 p.m. to midnight,” says Gyllenhaal, 23. “I don’t know why now, but I thought that was fun.” Though he never had to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the actor did handle one emergency. “Someone got stung by a jellyfish and I peed on their leg [to counteract the sting],” Gyllenhaal says. “Otherwise it was pretty tame. Occasionally I’d pick up the lifeguard buoy and run down the beach Baywatch-style, like something was actually happening.”

Love Shack

Sure, Lenny Kravitz has a multimillion-dollar mansion in Miami Beach—but the pop star often prefers to steal away to his tin hut on the island of Eleuthera. “The simple life appeals to me. When I go to the Bahamas, I have my little shack. And it really is a shack. It’s not my way of being cute and it’s actually a big old house. It’s one room, 20 by 20 ft.,” says Kravitz, 40, who just released his seventh studio disc, Baptism. “I have my farm there and I got my little beach. I take nothing with me. I love that life. I can easily slip into that.”

All You Need Is Love

When it comes to settling down, 30-year-old rocker Alanis Morissette looks up to her fellow Canadian Mike Myers and his wife, Robin Ruzan. “He’s such a love ball. I love their relationship,” says Morissette, whose own happiness comes through on her new album So-Called Chaos. “They’re two peas in a pod, watching each other’s backs and spending a lot of time together. I aspire to that.” The singer recalls a touching moment when the pals were hanging out one day. “I had the privilege of being with Mike when a letter was delivered to him from George Harrison after he’d died,” Morissette says. “I think half of Mike’s family is [originally] from Liverpool. He’s the most avid Beatles fan I’ve ever met.”