January 19, 2004 12:00 PM

Lift and Separate

To play a villainess in the new James Bond video game meant that even model Heidi Klum had to subject herself to a makeover of sorts. “I had to do a cyber scan, where you sit still and a high-tech machine comes around your head, takes your jawline and your head shape and puts it straight onto the computer,” says Klum, 30, who debuts in James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing next month. “Then they scanned me doing an angry face, a smiling face and a serious face. It looks like me, but my boobs look funny. They seem bigger and have that gap in the middle. I don’t have that space in the middle—not with the bras that I wear!”

Who’s the Boss?

Kids say the darnedest things. Take, for example, Uma Thurman’s 5-year-old daughter Maya, who saw a lot of Ben Affleck while visiting Mom on the Paycheck set. “She’s this cherubic, precocious kid,” says Affleck, 31. “She was always correcting me, saying, ‘You’re not right—my mom is.’ I felt stupid. I’d be talking baby talk to her, saying, ‘Oh, look at you. You’re not a girl, you’re a princess!’ Maya would say, I’m not a princess. You’re stupid.’ Alrighty.”

Hold the Bubbly

Having stripped for the camera several times in her career, Helen Mirren was relatively comfortable with the nudity required for Calendar Girls, based on the real story of middle-aged women who raise money for charity by posing in the buff. “A lot of us were just dreading it, but I kept saying, ‘Thinking about it is an awful lot worse than doing it,’ ” says Mirren, 58. “The good thing was that we all had to do it. After each person did hers, we’d gather in one of our dressing rooms, toast her with multiple bottles of champagne and get drunk.” Did they ever take swigs to loosen up before getting nekkid? Says Mirren: “Never—it takes so long to set up that by the time you did the shot, you’d have a hangover.”

The End is Near

Jennifer Aniston says the cast of Friends is getting emotional as the series approaches the end of its run. “We’re all like raw nerves over there, and no one really knows what to do. We’re just a little bit out of our bodies,” says the 34-year-old actress, who stars as Ben Stiller’s love interest in the romantic comedy Along Came Polly. “Matthew Perry just got to meet Mary Tyler Moore, and she said she still hasn’t gotten over [her show ending]. It’s the same with Danny DeVito [and Taxi]. He said, ‘There’s not a day you don’t think about it.’ Recently, we were joking [on the Friends set] that we may need to be sedated or something on the last night, because now we’re having hard times just talking.”

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