July 21, 2003 12:00 PM

Love Game

Mandy Moore gets plenty of backhanded compliments about her boyfriend, tennis ace Andy Roddick. “I have never dated someone who is such a heartthrob. It’s really weird to be sitting in the stands and hear girls talk about wanting to rip his clothes off,” says Moore, 19, who stars in the romantic comedy How to Deal. “Girls are flipping out all around me, and I’m thinking, ‘That’s my boyfriend.’ He is so oblivious to the attention, which only makes him cooler.” The singer turned actress enjoys her new role as chief cheerleader. “I knew nothing about tennis until I met Andy, but I love it now,” says Moore. “I’m very boisterous at matches. I’ve had people try to quiet me down, but I like cheering for my boyfriend. I’m very much in love.”

Auto Destruct

Drew Barrymore was grateful for the fire-safety lessons she received as a kid after her pants caught on fire during a welding scene in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. “I remembered that school drill: ‘Drop and roll! Drop and roll!’ ” says Barrymore, 28, who escaped injury. It wasn’t the only time the actress cheated disaster during the shoot. “I did a car stunt where the harness holding me broke. Hanging onto the hood of a car that’s fishtailing at 50 miles an hour isn’t funny,” she says. “Finally I slid off the car, crying, ‘I’m not meant to die!’ I was peeing in my pants. It made me reevaluate how far I should take this fearlessness thing.”

Cattle Call

Chris Cooper, who won an Oscar for his quirky portrayal of an orchid thief in Adaptation, next stars as horse trainer Tom Smith in the true-life drama Seabiscuit, due out July 25. “He rarely spoke and was always looked at as an oddball, but he was a true cowboy, roping and selling mustangs for a living,” says the actor about Smith, who turned the underdog Thorough-bred Seabiscuit into the unlikeliest of champions in the 1930s. Cooper, 52, has had ranch-hand experience of his own. “My father and I raised cattle in the ’60s and ’70s

in Kansas,” says the actor. “If things didn’t work out in this business, that’s probably what I’d end up doing. It’s a great way of life.”

The Rat Pick

Dallas Cowboys fan Jamie Foxx claims there’s a good reason why people should place their faith in America’s Team: “Why do you think we have a hole in the roof of the stadium? It’s so God can watch his favorite team play,” says Foxx, 35, who hosts the ESPY Awards, ESPN’s annual show honoring athletes, on July 16. The comedian also gets psyched about another all-star squad: Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’s self-proclaimed new Rat Pack, which includes the hip-hop impresario as Frank Sinatra, Ashton Kutcher as Dean Martin and Foxx as Sammy Davis Jr. “The Pack is closed right now, because we’re waiting on Diddy to make choices,” says Foxx. “But I have to have women involved.” So which ladies would the comic tap? “I’d pick Halle Berry,” says Foxx. “Who’s another fine one? Naomi Campbell. That’d be it. Wait, did I say Halle Berry already?”

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