Updated September 29, 2003 12:00 PM

You Had Me at Takeout

Nicole Kidman gets to explore domestic bliss in her upcoming film The Stepford Wives, director Frank Oz’s dark comedic remake of the 1975 horror flick, costarring Matthew Broderick. “It’s not a heavy movie, and it’s good to have some fun walking around being a Stepford Wife,” says Kidman, 36. “Plus, Matthew is totally adorable-Sarah Jessica [Parker] is very lucky.” In real life Kidman appreciates a quiet night in. “When I’m at home, I like Chinese food and DVDs,” she says, offering this advice to any would-be suitors: “With takeout and DVDs, I’m yours.”

Daddy’s Girl

Now that he’s got a daughter of his own (7-year-old Stella), Antonio Banderas cringes at the memory of his approach to women in his younger days. “When I see girls who are 20 years old, I imagine that 20-year-old’s father who doesn’t want her to be hurt,” says Banderas, 43, who stars in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the sequel to 1995’s Desperado. “But [when I was younger] I used to think, ‘I don’t care about her family, I just want her!’ ” Which is why Banderas already has a strategy for screening Stella’s potential beaux: “I’ll put on my Desperado suit when a guy comes for a date with her. I’ll have the sword out, and I’ll say, ‘What do you want from her?’ ”

Pound Wise

Molly Shannon is due to have her first child on Sept. 25, and the mommy-to-be admits that she’s got some insecurities about the situation. “I babysat a lot when I was younger, but babies kind of scared me,” says Shannon, 39, who costars in the upcoming kids’ comedy Good Boy! “But the nesting instinct is really kicking in. I want to clean and organize everything in the apartment.” So what’s the Saturday Night Live alum’s recipe for a happy pregnancy? “I have one shot of Starbucks a day,” says Shannon, who is engaged to artist Fritz Chesnut. “And my doctor told me to eat meat, so I found all the best cheeseburger [joints] in New York City. You can’t worry about weight gain too much. If your body isn’t in perfect shape, so be it.”

A Mountain Out of a Mole

Enrique Iglesias had his trademark facial mole removed earlier this year after doctors warned him it might become cancerous. The simple medical procedure was a major personal ordeal for the singer. “I hate hospitals and knives scare me. I was freaking out,” says Iglesias, 28, who will release his as-yet-untitled English-language CD this fall. “I was a big baby for the entire five minutes it took to remove the mole. Afterward, my doctor wanted to show me what he’d done to other people, like face-lifts and nose jobs. I couldn’t look for a minute.”

Dressing Down Messing

Will & Grace‘s Debra Messing wishes some of her admirers would give her a little more space. “I’ve had overly excited fans pull on my backpack from behind, making me feel like I was being mugged,” says the 35-year-old actress. “I’ve also had women park themselves outside of dressing rooms in stores, waiting for me to come out. Then they’d basically tell me every outfit I tried on was ugly. They’d say, ‘No. Uh-uh. Don’t like it,’ and I’d have no idea who these people are.”