March 10, 2003 12:00 PM

Hollywood and Vine

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Matthew McConaughey portrays a slick ad agency Lothario who becomes a spineless pushover to woo Kate Hudson‘s journalist. In real life, home cooking is the actor’s recipe for successful dating. “I love conversation in the kitchen, so I’ll have a date over to my house and cook while they’re there,” says McConaughey, 33. “You get to move around, sip some wine, listen to music. It makes the conversation easier.” He may be a romantic at heart, but McConaughey won’t buy flowers. “I’d send a 10-ft. string of jasmine vine for her garden before I’d send a place setting that’s going to die in a week,” says McConaughey. “Whether we’re together or not 10 years from now, that vine has grown.”

Baby Phat

Image isn’t everything for English actress Kate Winslet. “I hate to tell this to the public, but 95 percent of my day is not spent thinking about ab crunches,” says Winslet, 27, who plays a reporter in the death penalty drama The Life of David Gale. “I’m sorry, but I have boobs and a backside. I’m not sitting at home obsessing about my thighs and how they’ll look in the next photo shoot.” She isn’t as prim and proper as her period pieces, either. “The truth is I’m a slob,” admits Winslet. “I love to walk around in jeans with my 2-year-old daughter’s lunch down the front of my clothes. My style is pureed chicken, peas and carrots.”

Pajama Party

Long before Harold Perrineau boarded the Nebuchadnezzar to play the ship’s computer whiz in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, he was obsessed with the sci-fi adventure. “My [8-year-old] daughter Aurora and I watched it so much it’s ridiculous,” says Perrineau, 39, who costarred on HBO’s prison drama Oz. “When I got the job, she was stoked.” Especially since it meant hanging out with the Matrix cast in Sydney, where the sequels were shot. “Carrie-Anne [Moss] and my daughter fell in love with each other,” says Perrineau. “They actually had sleepovers. When my friends would call, they’d be like, ‘Aurora’s sleeping at Carrie-Anne’s house? Yo, we’re coming to Australia!’ ”

Sung Jury

As Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order, Elisabeth Röhm gets jailbirds to sing, but offscreen the actress can carry her own tunes. In fact she’s currently working on her debut solo album. “It’s somewhere between a jazzy, progressive sound and old-school crooning,” says Röhm, 29. “I love the Dixie Chicks, the Cure and Bruce Springsteen. I love all music.” Well, almost all: The actress wants to file a complaint against her chorusing costars Sam Waterston and Fred Thompson. “They sing to me. I’m the one recording, and I don’t ever sing in front of anybody,” says Röhm. “But they’ll start singing some ridiculous Nat King Cole thing. I’m like, ‘Can you please focus on the scene?’ ”

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