February 03, 2003 12:00 PM

Bringing Up Baby

“When it comes to picking the parent his 3-month-old son James most resembles, Matthew Broderick isn’t sure who gets his vote: Mommy—Sarah Jessica Parker—or Daddy. “I hope he looks like Sarah,” says Broderick, 40, who next stars in ABC’s remake of The Music Man, airing Feb. 16. “To me, he just looks like himself. He’s definitely getting a personality. He seems kind of serious, which is probably not going to end up being true.” So how do two showbiz veterans entertain their little lad? “Everybody tells you classical music will make them smart, which I just instinctively know isn’t true,” says Broderick. “But we play Peter and the Wolf and a Danny Kaye album for little kids, which I know he can’t understand. He doesn’t speak English yet.”

Tough Guise

Even a multiple murderer has tender moments, as Christopher Meloni discovered playing an inmate on HBO’s gritty prison drama Oz. Serving out the show’s final season, Meloni jokes that a recent kiss with costar Lee Tergesen “was sweeter than honey, softer than velvet—nothing but pure joy with a 5 o’clock shadow.” But their lip-locking, which started in 1998, did take some getting used to. “We’re old hats at it now, but that first kiss, we were so keyed up,” says Meloni, 41, who also costars on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. “We looked at each other like, ‘Let’s just do it.’ ” So did his wife, Sherman, offer any helpful advice? “She suggested I shave my legs,” Meloni says. “But I didn’t think Lee would be running his hand up and down my leg.”

My Big Fat Blockbuster

Now that My Big Fat Greek Wedding has grossed over $262 million to become the biggest romantic comedy of all time, is Tom Hanks—who produced the movie with his wife, Rita Wilson—lining up My Big Fat Jewish Wedding? “That’s actually a good idea. We can work our way down every group,” says Hanks, 46. “My Big Fat Canadian Wedding will probably be the seventh in the series.” When it comes to predicting awards, though, the two-time Oscar winner would rather not think about the future. “How many trophy programs are there? 16? 140?” he asks. “I think we’re a lock for the Taco Bell Favorite Movie Award Show. And I believe Samsonite Luggage sponsors their own award show now. We could get one of those nominations.”

Star Struck

Luckily for actress Hope Davis, there were no “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” moments on the set of About Schmidt, in which she plays Jack Nicholson’s daughter. “I think I’m the first movie kid Jack’s had since The Shining,” says Davis, 38. “I had it easier than that kid.” Then again, filming in Nebraska had its own quirks. “On our first day there, Jack looked around and said, ‘Wow, it’s 900 shades of brown,’ ” recalls Davis, adding that the star’s presence stunned the locals. “One day we shot outside a Dairy Queen. Someone saw Jack and crashed into the car in front of him. It became a three-car pileup.”

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