January 27, 2003 12:00 PM

Kiss and Tell

As far as Alias star Jennifer Garner is concerned, her one day on the set of Catch Me If You Can was a bussman’s holiday: She spent the entire time making out with Leonardo DiCaprio. “It was magical,” says Garner, 30, who plays a call girl hired by DiCaprio’s con man. “We kissed a whole lot. It was only uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes. Then you’re just going for it, slobbering all over each other and saying, ‘Oh, you have something in your teeth.’ I went through a couple of tins of breath mints.” Did Garner, who is married to actor Scott Foley, learn any minty-fresh moves? Says Garner with a smile: “Nothing I didn’t already know.”

Lethal Steppin’

While filming Chicago, Renée Zellweger was almost as deadly in real life as the murderous vamp she plays in the movie. “I clocked Catherine [Zeta-Jones] with a gun during rehearsals and had near-falling-down-the-stairs moments,” says Zellweger, 33. “Don’t ask Taye Diggs about my high heels. I don’t want to know to what extent I did damage.” Zellweger was a safer costar on the Transylvanian set of Cold Mountain, the upcoming Civil War drama with Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. “That was great—building fences, milking cows and hauling potato sacks,” says Zellweger, who portrays a Southern farm girl. “But soon I’m going to be girl-who’s-on-vacation-for-a-while.”

Costume Foolery

Drew Barrymore, who portrays the girlfriend of The Gong Show host and self-proclaimed CIA assassin Chuck Barris in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, has identity issues of her own in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. “There are so many different costumes,” says Barrymore, 27, who reunites with her fellow supersleuths Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in the sequel due this summer. “One day we’re in motocross gear, the next day we’re coming out of a Greek statue. Then we’re in evening gowns, and next we’re dressed like roller derby girls.” So how would Barrymore look if she were a Gong Show contestant? “I’d come out as a flower and water myself,” she says. “I’d wear a green stocking suit and a big white feather hat, so I would look like a daisy. I’d get gonged.”


Busta Rhymes had no idea that playing a murder suspect on the Toronto set of Narc would be such a headache. “It was damn near 20° in this drippy Canadian warehouse, I was in cuffs for long periods of time and getting slapped up and down my face,” says Rhymes, 30, who got beat up by costar Ray Liotta. In fact, the rapper found Liotta’s sociopathic cop act a little too convincing. “I was really bleeding,” says Rhymes. “He slapped me real hard so I told him, ‘Homie, you gotta cut this out. I realize how intense an actor you are, but I ain’t getting paid enough for this abuse.’ Then I asked, ‘What coverage do I have on this movie? It better be a life insurance policy.’ ”

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