Hey, Arent you…?

Even the most recognizable stars get mistaken for other people. We asked celebs to tell us who gives them the most double trouble.

Jon Voight: “I get Christopher Walken a lot. It was fun sitting next to him at the Academy Awards—proof to the world that we’re not the same guy.”

Al Pacino: “One time someone thought I was Harrison Ford. They were yelling, ‘Harrison, Harrison!’ I said, ‘Do I look like a Harrison to you?’ That was awful.”

Allison Janney: “People think I’m Christine Lahti. And she is always telling me that she gets congratulated for The West Wing. She said, ‘I just take all your compliments.’ I do the same with her.”

Kevin Bacon: “I’ve been mistaken for all the other Kevins—Costner, Kline, Spacey—any Kevin. Christian Slater I’ve gotten a couple of times. There are way too many celebrities for people to keep track of.”

Vivica A. Fox: “Tyra Banks. She gets me too. She says, ‘Nope, Vivica is the other tall, good-looking one with the big boobs.’ ”

Cedric the Entertainer: “One girl was so sure I was Bemie Mac that I didn’t have the heart to correct her. Later I told Bernie I had his whole reputation in my hands that day.”

Rachel Weisz (Confidence): “Brooke Shields. It must be the eyebrows.”

Janeane Garofalo: “I get mistaken for actress Kathy Bates and singer Natalie Merchant. Kathy and I look the same in the face, and I used to dress like Natalie.”

Edward Burns: “In my younger days I used to get Kevin Bacon and Matthew Modine. I just signed their autographs and moved along.”

Kathy Griffin: “I’m confused for every sidekick you can imagine. They think I am the girl from News Radio, Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, the girl from Caroline in the City. I’m surprised no one calls me Ethel Mertz.”

Shania Twain: “Once I was mistaken for Sandra Bullock when I was in a store shopping.”

David Hasselhoff: “Dan Marino. A guy told me I was the greatest quarterback he’d ever seen.”

Vanessa Williams: “I was in a parking garage last winter, and a guy said I looked like J.Lo. I’m older than J.Lo, so I guess that’s a compliment.”

Jessica Alba: “Someone thought I was Angelina Jolie. It was a huge compliment. Why would I set them straight?”

Ray Romano: “I’m not handsome enough to get confused for a real famous person. When people didn’t know me, they would assume I was a janitor or the plumber. Now I’m a little more familiar, so they think I’m a friend of a friend or someone’s annoying cousin.”

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