August 19, 2002 12:00 PM

The Styles That Bind

Playing an ex-groupie who longs for the free-loving ’60s in the film The Banger Sisters reminded Goldie Hawn of her adventurous youth. “I can’t say I didn’t do some wild and crazy things during that period; I did,” says Hawn, 56. “Like taking all my clothes off and jumping into [Nevada’s] Lake Mead.” The wild-child lifestyle is familiar territory for Hawn’s clan too. Daughter Kate Hudson, 23, starred as the groupie Penny Lane in Almost Famous, while son Oliver Hudson, 25, portrayed a singer in last spring’s WB series My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star. “Not to mention [Kate] married a rock star,” says Hawn of Hudson’s 2000 wedding to the Black Crowes’ funky-dressing frontman Chris Robinson. “Let’s put it this way, the whole family was buying bell-bottoms.” How has the retro rush affected her longtime love Kurt Russell? “Oh, Kurt is still wearing his Lees,” says Hawn. “Some things never change.”

‘Rent Control

When it comes to discipline, Spy Kids 2’s Antonio Banderas takes a kinder, gentler approach with his 5-year-old than his parents ever took with him. “I’m very into talking and listening,” says Banderas, 42, of his daughter Stella with wife Melanie Griffith. “My parents were very strict with me. But it was necessary because I was a wild boy.” Not that he took their advice, especially when it came to picking a profession. “They would scream, ‘You’ll work in a bank or join the military, marry a local girl and lead a normal life!’ ” says Banderas, who grew up in Malaga, Spain. So has success and stardom proved a worthy vindication of his choices? Not exactly. Says Banderas: “They are still saying, ‘If you would have listened to us and gone into the military, you’d be a captain by now.’ ”

Photo Finish

Samuel L. Jackson likes to relax in front of the TV and watch a good movie—especially if he’s in it. “There’s rarely a day that there’s not some of my stuff on there,” says Jackson, 53, currently starring in the action flick XXX. “I can punch my name into TiVo and watch myself all the time. I enjoy it.” His vainglorious TV vigil may take a backseat to making much-needed home improvements to his California digs. Why the major rehab? “We had to. Roseanne lived there,” says Jackson with a laugh, adding that he and wife LaTanya want to impose their own style on the $8.9 million, nine-bedroom house in Beverly Hills. But the domestic goddess gave them a housewarming gift. “Roseanne said she left some nude pictures of herself relaxing around the house,” says Jackson, “but so far I haven’t seen anything, thank God!”

Mel Content

Mel Gibson’s reputation for being an incorrigible prankster is well-deserved, as Joaquin Phoenix discovered during the filming of their new movie Signs. “Joaquin was doing a scene in a closet,” says Gibson, 46, starring as a farmer who finds mysterious 500-ft. rings carved into his crops in director M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller. “So we just turned off all the lights, and I had everybody leave the set. It was amazing because he knew what had happened from within the closet, and he was adamant that he was not coming out until we all came back and acknowledged that he was still in there. He sat in there for about 15 minutes saying things like, ‘I know you’re out there,’ and talking about getting his lawyers.” Eventually, Mel and the rest of the crew relented and returned to the set. Says Gibson: “He actually won! I had to admire his tenacity.”

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