Hogan’s Hero

“If you’re looking for a movie filled with all kinds of gratuitous sex, you’ll be vastly disappointed,” says Greg Kinnear, 38, who nonetheless had some trepidation about portraying Bob Crane in Auto Focus, the upcoming biopic about the sex-addicted Hogan’s Heroes star found murdered in a Scottsdale, Ariz., hotel room in 1978. “I’ve never done those types of sex scenes,” says Kinnear, who currently stars in We Were Soldiers. “There were moments when I was uncomfortable The subject matter is rough, but I really think the film will resonate with some issues of our day. It’s very easy for us to deal with gambling, drug and alcohol addictions. But when it comes to sexual addictions, people are like, ‘Whoa.'” On a lighter note, the role enabled Kinnear to acquaint himself with Hogan’s Heroes: “It’s still on Nick at Nite. So doing this movie gave me a reason to sit there for hours and just laugh.”

Changing the Locks

Newly crowned pop princess Shakira went platinum long before her latest CD, Laundry Service, did. “I think it’s Uma Thurman’s fault because I saw Batman & Robin and loved the red hair combined with green,” says the Colombian-born singer, a natural brunette. “The next day I went red. But every time I went to the beach, the water would become pink and my hair would fade to orange. So now there’s one more blonde in the world.” There are some changes the 5-ft, 112-lb. singer will never try. “I used to obsess about my height, my size and my humble breasts,” says Shakira, 24. “When you see girls with the perfect cleavage, you think, ‘Maybe I should get a little help.’ But I realize that we cannot fall into that game. If I start with the implants, what’s next?”

The Chill Factor

“After a long day’s work, I just can’t go home and go to bed,” says Colin Farrell, 25, who plays the title role in the WWII drama Hart’s War. “I have to have some pints, shoot the [breeze] or see a movie. Remember in school you came home and went to bed early? And it seemed like school, bed, school, bed, boring! I have to have some downtime.” His Hart costar Bruce Willis was always game for a night out. “I don’t know how he looks as good as he does, because he likes to play too,” says the Irish actor. One thing Farrell isn’t looking for is romance, since his July 2001 marriage to actress Amelia Warner, 19, ended after only a few months. “It’s all over and done and finished. Been there and back. I’m heading straight for a sabbatical,” says Farrell, teasing that his next stop is a seminary. “I can’t wait for a [priest’s] collar around my neck and the incense!”

Bits and Pieces

Tom Wilkinson, one of the Brits who dropped his drawers in The Full Monty, isn’t expecting his Best Actor Oscar nomination for In the Bedroom to change his life. “I’ve lived in the same house for 10 years and will probably stay there for another 10,” says the London-based actor. “I’m lucky that I am not materially ambitious.” There are a few items he will never part with, however, like the shiny red athletic supporter he wore in Monty. “Yes, I still have it,” says Wilkinson, 52, adding, “I wear a plaid one when I am on the golf course, of course.” Given his previous exposure, Wilkinson has no fear of fumbling an acceptance speech should one be called for at the Academy Awards. “I’ll never be afraid of anything again in acting,” he says. “That was one of the last taboos, you know—showing your bits in front of hundreds of people.”

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