By Ericka Souter
May 13, 2002 12:00 PM

Injured in the Line of Duty
Her erotic scenes as a suburban wife having an affair in the sexually charged drama Unfaithful gave Diane Lane a little more exposure than she had bargained for. “It got so bad that my makeup artist gave me a T-shirt with the words Porn Star on it,” says Lane, 37, who cheats on her husband with a French bookseller (Before Night Falls’ Olivier Martinez). “I mean, bathroom sex scenes, hallway sex scenes, all that tumbling around. Oh my God.” The scenes got so physical, she says, “that I herniated a disc in my back and got workman’s comp from 20th Century Fox. How many times can you kiss someone with your body draped off the bed? It almost killed me.” By the time she filmed a steamy scene with Richard Gere, who plays her suspicious husband, Lane had lost her inhibitions—and patience. “There I am, naked in a bathtub with curlers in my hair as I prepared to do yet another sex scene,” she says. “By then there was no false modesty. I just screamed, ‘Drop trou, Richard, and come on in. The water is fine!’ ”

Great Expectations
“The first time, it took 30 hours to have my baby Madelaine,” says Téa Leoni, who costars in Woody Allen‘s Hollywood Ending and is expecting her second child with husband David Duchovny this month. Now that her daughter is 3, is the actress better prepared? “It’s much less fascinating this time around,” she says. “I don’t know the sex and don’t have a baby’s room set up yet. I still have to get the crib back from a friend. At the moment I don’t even have a place to put the kid. We are reworking the house. But when they’re so little, you can pull out a drawer.” And yes, her husband will be by her side. “David isn’t squeamish in the delivery room,” says Leoni, 36. “For God’s sake, look at what he had to deal with on The X-Files!”

High Roller
Tiger Woods and I grew up playing junior golf together in Southern California. We spent our summers being golf geeks,” says TRL host Carson Daly, 28, who recently joined his pal in Las Vegas for Tiger Jam V, a fund-raiser for children’s charities. “Tiger wanted me to be up at 6 to play golf on Saturday morning with him. I said, ‘No way, dude! When I get to Vegas I’m going to be gambling!’ So when I saw him and his publicist that afternoon, she was like, ‘I just want you to know, Tiger said, “No one’s ever turned me down for a round of golf.” ‘ ” Daly was up for a craps match in the casino, however. “Tiger got a marker for about $50,000 and I had like $50. I would bet $20 to his $2,000. In the end he paid $50,000 back to the house and had $5,000 left. He was walking away and threw it on the table as a tip to the dealers.”

A Kiss Before Dying
Auditioning with director Michael Apted to play Jennifer Lopez‘s abusive husband in the upcoming thriller Enough was a breeze for Billy Campbell. It was meeting the diva in her L.A. home for final approval that wracked his nerves. “I had no idea what to expect,” says Campbell, 42. “I was afraid that I was going to sneeze on her white carpet. I thought she’d come sweeping down the stairs and bite my head off.” So, in an attempt to seem at ease, says the Once and Again star, “I began to play with her little dog. I was down on my hands and knees, trying to appear as if I was enjoying myself. And she said, ‘Careful, he’s a licker.’ And in my nervousness I said, ‘That’s okay. I’m a licker too.’ Then I’m dying inside thinking, ‘What did I just say? God, I can’t look at her. I just have to pretend I didn’t even say that.’ ” Maybe the pooch smooch impressed Lopez because he landed the role. Says Campbell: “She must have thought, ‘Anybody this bizarre must be a good actor.’ ”