April 08, 2002 12:00 PM

Jokers Wild

Tune into Martha Stewart Living on April 1 and you may think you’re watching a Saturday Night Live skit. In honor of April Fools’ Day, Martha Stewart will spoof herself with segments like “Water 101” and a how-to guide on constructing a tree out of beer bottles. But during taping, the joke was on the host herself, compliments of her crew. “When I boiled a spaghetti squash whole, which is my recipe, and cut it open, inside was real spaghetti,” says Stewart, 60. “They had mysteriously split the squash and gotten the spaghetti inside without me knowing.” She was not to be outdone, though. “I got back at them, and it was pretty gruesome,” says Stewart, whose retort—which involves, she says, a “bloody mess” as she fakes an injury—will air on the show. “I couldn’t stop laughing. Growing up in a house with six kids, you had to be a prankster or you couldn’t survive.”

To Diet For

He’s still standing after all this time, but Elton John says there’s a lot less of him doing it. “I’ve lost quite a bit of weight,” says John, 55, who began scaling back on Jan. 1. “My goal is to get down for the summer. Every time I get to the summer, I just cover myself up because I don’t like the way I look. I finally decided this is something I need to address.” The singer is on a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet but admits that he can’t wait to break a few rules next time he visits his apartment in Venice. “When I’m in Venice, I’m going to eat the pasta,” says John. ‘You can’t not!” He’s also looking forward to his April concert dates in Australia, where he’ll get a firsthand look at the country’s new stamps, which bear his likeness. “I can only use them if I’m in Australia,” he says, “so I’ll probably send a postcard to my mum with one of my stamps on it.”

Wicked Game

Most guys would try to be discreet if they were romancing their buddy’s girlfriend. Not Chris Isaak. When Bridget Fonda, who has been dating singer Dwight Yoakam for more than three years, guest-starred as the 45-year-old Isaak’s love interest on his Showtime series The Chris Isaak Show, “in every possible scene I was in with Bridget, I took pictures of us together,” he says. “We were in bed together, and there’s another scene where she’s coming out of the shower. I took snapshots so that I could have them in my wallet the next time I see Dwight. I just want to go, ‘Hey, Dwight, have you seen this one of Bridget? How about this one?’ ”

Mad About Ezra

What’s a typical day for Paul Reiser since wrapping Mad About You in 1999? “Well, I had breakfast, I read the paper—all the sections!—I took a walk and played with my son,” says Reiser, 46. “It doesn’t look good on the résumé, but it feels good.” Reiser returns to acting as a psychiatrist dying of leukemia in the Showtime movie Strange Relations, premiering March 31, but he says he most enjoys showing his son Ezra, 6, the (velvet) ropes. “I did a benefit show and he came to the rehearsals,” says Reiser. “He wanted to go, and I said, ‘Don’t you want to wait and hear Garth Brooks sing?’ He goes over to Garth and says, ‘Garth, buddy, let’s go!’ I said, ‘Don’t nag the country superstars. In life you want to avoid doing that.’ ”

Not for the Birds

Rapper-actor Ice Cube enjoys the showbiz life, but he could take a pass on trendy haute cuisine. While at a business lunch with a movie executive, “I thought I was on Fear Factor,” says Cube, 32, who stars in the comedy All About the Benjamins. “They were serving bison and octopus and all kinds of stuff I don’t eat. When the waiter said, ‘This is squab,’ my buddy, who used to raise pigeons, said, ‘Uh-uh! That’s a pigeon, man.’ That’s like me walking outside, grabbing a pigeon off the street and biting him. And I am not that kind of cat.”

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