September 11, 2000 12:00 PM

Ice, Ice Baby

Preparing to play a quarterback in The Replacements was a whoaful experience for Keanu Reeves. “I never played football as a kid, so training was tough,” he says. “At night, I’d just sit down, wrap my arms around both knees, and wince from the pain. It hurts when you have a 240-lb. guy step on you because you didn’t get out of the way.” Reeves, 36, helped ease the pain by strapping on his bass guitar for some recent gigs with his band Dogstar. “On a good night, I get underwear, bras and hotel room keys thrown onstage,” he says. “You start to think that you’re Tom Jones.”

Good as Goldie

Does Kate Hudson resemble mom Goldie Hawn? You bet your bippy. “We freak ourselves out sometimes,” says Hudson, whose father is Hawn’s ex-husband Bill Hudson. “I just cut my bangs and look just like my mom now. It was like, wow, I really came from that womb.” Hudson, who plays a rock groupie in the drama Almost Famous, opening Sept. 15, also seems to have been born camera-ready. “I always wanted to perform,” says Hudson, 21, who got her start in childhood productions with brother Oliver. “We’d put on plays since I was little. I begged for a part. I would tell my brother, ‘Oliver, please, you can kill me in your play. Just cast me.’ ”

Brad Wasn’t Bad

Kirsten Dunst shows spunk as a cheerleading captain in the new film Bring It On, but she isn’t turning cartwheels over her own high school experience. “I was never considered cool,” says Dunst, 18. “I was even a cheerleader, but I didn’t like cheerleading. I did that to be cool. It all seems so silly now.” Just as silly, in fact, as her comments back in 1994 about having to kiss Interview with the Vampire costar Brad Pitt. “Who remembers what I said?” she protests. “I was a kid!” (We do: “It was horrible and I hated it!…It was like kissing your big brother—totally gross!”) Oh well. He’s off the market anyway.

The Wayans We Were

Marlon and Shawn Wayans have no qualms about succeeding two-time emcee Chris Rock as hosts of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, airing live Sept. 7. “It’s like he’s Billy Crystal and we’re Whoopi Goldberg,” says Marlon, 28. The brothers have been enjoying their taste of Hollywood fame since their horror spoof Scary Movie, which they cowrote and starred in (and which brother Keenen directed), became the summer’s biggest surprise hit. “Our manager actually got off the line with Jim Carrey,” jokes Shawn, 31. “We heard him go, ‘Hang on, Jim, Marlon and Shawn are on the phone,’ and we knew something was up.” One Wayans left out of the Scary celebration: brother Damon. Says Shawn: “Damon said, ‘I feel like Tito after Michael Jackson made Thriller.’ ”

Hard Cell

Confused by the plot of The Cell? So is the film’s star Vince Vaughn. “I didn’t really want to do it, from reading the script,” admits Vaughn, who portrays an FBI agent who enters the mind of a serial killer with the help of therapist Jennifer Lopez. “It didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It was [Cell director] Tarsem [Singh] and his visuals that made me want to do it. It’s almost like you walk through a museum exhibit of an artist in a dark period of his life.” Similarly, Vaughn, 30, is still happy he took a stab at playing Norman Bates in director Gus Van Sant’s much-maligned 1998 remake of Psycho. “The draw was not Psycho but to work with Gus,” Vaughn says of the man who helmed Good Will Hunting. “Gus could have said, ‘We’re going to remake Star Wars’ and I would have done it.”

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