June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

Lemur the Merrier

Having voiced the lemur Plio in the new animated adventure Dinosaur, actress Alfre Woodard has earned an action figure for a second of her characters. “I had one for Lily from Star Trek: First Contact, but my children didn’t care about her,” says Woodard, 47, who has two kids, Mavis, 8, and Duncan, 6, with her husband, writer-producer Roderick Spencer. “I put my action figure on the shelf with their other action figures. My son brought it back to my desk and said, ‘Mom, here’s your doll.’ I said, ‘Oh no, honey, you guys can have that one. It can live with your Luke Skywalker doll.’ My son said, ‘No, it’s yours. I don’t want it.’ I was like, ‘Okay, fine.’ But my children are thoroughly impressed with dinosaurs. So I think they’re going to want to cuddle with my lemur.”

Pedal Pusher

Delroy Lindo (The Cider House Rules) says that filming his high-speed car chase in Gone in 60 Seconds, due June 9, was actually very slow going. “Let’s just say it was tedious,” says Lindo, 47, who costars with Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Robert Duvall in the remake of the 1974 autotheft flick. “Filming 20 minutes of a car chase took two months of work. And I did a lot of it myself because I went to stunt-driving school. It was great. They were teaching me how to do wheelies, 360s and 180s.” Now, though, Lindo admits that he’s having a little trouble easing up on the accelerator. “I just got a speeding ticket,” he says. “But it was because I was late for work. I was rushing to get to my job.”


Last year she filmed Keeping the Faith during her TV hiatus, but this summer, Dharma & Greg’s Jenna Elfman is planning to take an extended vacation. “I haven’t had four days off in a row in four years,” says Elfman, 28. “Creatively, you need to go live life. As an artist, you are representing life. So you have to rub elbows and be out in it.” Even so, the actress is already looking forward to returning for the fourth season of her ABC sitcom. “It’s like going back to school after summer break,” says Elfman. “You’ve finally grown some breasts, you’ve got your braces off, and you’ve got new clothes for the fall. And you can’t wait to see your friends. That’s how it feels going back to work on Dharma & Greg.”

Drew Confessions

In the new comedy Road Trip, Breckin Meyer plays a hard-partying college student who motors from Ithaca, N.Y., to Austin, Texas, leaving behind his buddy, MTV comic and current Drew Barrymore beau Tom Green. But Meyer, 26, wants it to be known that Barrymore was his girlfriend first. “We were each other’s first kiss,” he says proudly. “It’s not like I picked her up somewhere. We met because we were in the same elementary school. One day her friend asked if we ever kissed. Then her friend taught us how. The friend also held up cards, like at the Olympics, rating the kiss a 9.0. So you could say I was trained very well.”

Tom Foolery?

Director John Woo (Face/Off) says that he had little luck controlling Tom Cruise on the set of the Mission: Impossible sequel, M:l-2. His star insisted on doing his own stunt work for the film, including hanging from a mountain cliff in Moab, Utah, some 2,000 feet above the ground, supported by a single thin cable. “I prayed that Tom would be okay,” says Woo, 52. “Tom said to me, ‘John, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. But I want to do this one more time.’ ” Still, there was one stunt, involving jumping from a helicopter to a skyscraper, that the actor couldn’t woo the director to let him do. “No matter what I heard from Tom,” he says, “I was not giving him a parachute.”

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