September 06, 1999 12:00 PM

Mixed Emotions

Actress Joely Fisher (Ellen), currently onscreen as Matthew Broderick’s love interest in Inspector Gadget, is having a hard time finishing an advance copy of father Eddie Fisher’s autobiography Been There, Done That, out Sept. 30. “I think a few chapters of it wouldn’t be easy for me to read,” says Fisher, 31, who didn’t see much of her dad growing up after he and her mother, Connie Stevens, split when she was 2. “I do have a relationship with him now. The longer time goes on, the more I forget the bad stuff. I’m sure he regrets some things that happened. Hopefully, by writing this book, he’ll do something for his soul, and he’ll feel better.”

Exit Laughing

Funnyman Martin Lawrence, who costars with Luke Wilson in the buddy-cop comedy Blue Streak, due Sept. 17, says that he learned at an early age how to perform under pressure. “My art teacher made a deal with me because I was always acting up,” says Lawrence, 34. “She told me, ‘Martin, if you would just chill out, I’ll give you the last five minutes to do your act, but then you have to be funny in order to get out of class.’ So I would be trying to do my best material, and my teacher would try not to laugh. Then at the last minute she would laugh, and I would get to leave class.”

Director’s Cut

The July death of John F. Kennedy Jr. necessitated some last-minute dubbing for the romantic comedy Love Stinks, due Sept. 10. In one scene, model Tyra Banks and Bridgette Wilson discuss their quest to find the perfect man. Banks’s original remark to Wilson: “I always see you with these GQ-looking, JFK Jr., bare-chested, bicycle-riding-through-Central-Park kind of men.” Says director Jeff Franklin, 44: “The JFK Jr. tragedy happened a couple of days before we did our final lock of the picture. I was fortunate that I had an opportunity to go back and put another line in that place.” Now, he says, the line goes, “I always see you with these GQ-looking, just-feel-like-going-bare-chested, bicycle-riding…’ It was a smooth change.”

True Brit

Englishman Hugh Grant, who struggles to team how to speak like a New York City wise guy in his mobster comedy Mickey Blue Eyes, says that when it comes to doing an American accent, he’s a bit stiff. “I just sound weird,” says Grant, 38, who costars with Jeanne Tripplehorn and James Caan in the film. “It sounds like I’ve been dubbed. It’s more than a voice, it’s a whole sensibility and life approach.” And the actor says he’s not about to give up his veddy British mannerisms. “Once I’ve thrown all those things away,” he says, “I have very little left. I’ll cling to what little I have.”

Buss Boy

7th Heaven heartthrob Barry Watson says he had some palpitations about his love scene with another TV teen idol, Dawson’s Creek’s Katie Holmes, in the new high school comedy Teaching Mrs. Tingle. “There were tons of Altoid mints involved,” says Watson, 25. “It was weird. The entire crew is just sitting there eating doughnuts, and we were making out. Katie and I made the best of it.” Holmes isn’t the only one Watson kisses in the film. He also shares a comedic smooch with veteran sitcom actor Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the school’s football coach. “I remember watching Three’s Company and going, ‘One day I’m going to kiss that man,’ ” jokes Watson. “And then watching The Larry Sanders Show, I was going, ‘It’s still going to happen!’ ”

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