By Jason Lynch
September 27, 1999 12:00 PM

Murray of Hope

Although the third actress has yet to be cast to join Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in the upcoming movie version of Charlie’s Angels, due to start production next month, producer Leonard Goldberg is hoping to nab Bill Murray to play the Angels’ go-between John Bosley (portrayed by the late David Doyle in the 1976-81 TV series). “But every time we phone Bill’s agent to check on the status of our offer, we’re told they can’t find him,” says Goldberg, 65. “On the plus side, there have been various sightings of Bill.”

That’s Al, Folks

Don’t look for Ed O’Neill to repeat his role as TV slug Al Bundy, if FOX attempts to resurrect Married…with Children. “Eleven years is enough,” says O’Neill of his hit sitcom, which went off the air in 1997. “I just can’t see A Very Bundy Christmas. Anyway, I’m mad at FOX. I wanted to do a last show for Married…with Children, and they didn’t do it. We got to work one day, and they were like, ‘It’s, uh, over.’ ” So when FOX recently suggested a Married reunion, O’Neill, 53, had a speedy reply. “I said, ‘It’s a great idea, but can I make a small suggestion? At the beginning you pan to the cemetery. It’s Al’s funeral. By the way, I do want to be paid for the coffin scene.’ ”

Zero Degrees of Separation

Fifteen years after Kevin Bacon displayed magic feet in Footloose, he can’t get the Kenny Loggins title track out of his head. “It’s a great song,” says Bacon, who performs the tune with his brother Michael in the duo’s country-folk band the Bacon Brothers. “When we first put the band together, I said to my brother, ‘You know what? We ought to embrace the beast. We’re going to play live, and people are going to shout it out.’ ” Not that Bacon, now appearing in the thriller Stir of Echoes, would consider joining the Broadway production of Footloose. “No, I’m 41 years old,” he says. “What am I gonna play, the preacher? The John Lithgow part?”

Show Buzz

Having made hundreds of talk show appearances, Martin Short has leaped to the other side of the desk for his own program. Well, sort of: The Martin Short Show‘s set is missing that talk show staple. “We don’t have a desk. I didn’t want to be distanced from the audience by a piece of furniture,” says Short, 49, who with pleasantly skewed logic dismisses the notion that he’s doing anything revolutionary. “Not having a desk,” he says, “doesn’t mean you’re Magellan finding North America.” Short promises that some of his famous Saturday Night Live characters, like Ed Grimley and Katharine Hepburn’s fictitious nephew, may pop up on the program. “My analogy of that is, if you see a Sting concert, you want to hear the new album, but you also want to hear him sing ‘Roxanne.’ ”

One Day at a Time

“I have no ambitions as an actress,” admits Carrie Fisher, the artist formerly known as Princess Leia. “I’m going to do a day’s work on Scream 3, but that’s all I can handle, a day’s work. I’ve put on some weight…well, not a lot of weight, but if film puts on another five pounds, that’s another five I don’t need.” Fisher prefers writing scripts for movies, like the upcoming comedy These Old Broads (which will star her mom, Debbie Reynolds), and limits her screen work to cameos in fun flicks like Austin Powers. She will also host Writers Block, an upcoming American Movie Classics documentary about Hollywood screenwriters. “My daughter [Billie, 7] wishes I acted more,” says Fisher, 42. “She likes my mother’s career.”