June 07, 1999 12:00 PM

Mum’s the word

“You definitely won’t see me wearing more than one outfit,” says Friends’ Lisa Kudrow of hosting this year’s MTV Movie Awards on June 5 in L.A. (taped to air June 10). After that gig, the actress, who spent last year’s Friends hiatus filming Analyze This, plans to spend this summer just playing mommy. “It’s been mostly pure joy,” says Kudrow, 35, of raising son Julian, who recently celebrated his first birthday, with husband Michel Stern. “But not enough sleep!”

Sex and the single girls

Actress Kim Cattrall will be back on the prowl as promiscuous publicist Samantha when the HBO comedy Sex and the City, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, returns for its second season June 6. “I sort of thought at this point in my career I’d be playing moms and housewives,” says Cattrall, 42, “and instead I’m playing this fabulous femme fatale who gets to do all these outrageous things with young men. I don’t have any judgment about the fact that she likes to have sex. I think that’s a good thing.” So do Cattrall and her gal pals talk as explicitly about sex as the women on her show? “You have no idea!” she says. “I get down with my girlfriends, and we tell it the way it is. It’s not talking dirty, it’s talking truth.”

Brother from another planet

“There are more brothers in this future than there were in the first Star Wars,” says actor Samuel L. Jackson, 50, of his brief role as Jedi Knight Mace Windu in the prequel The Phantom Menace. “I went to George [Lucas, the director] and said, ‘Let me be in the movie. I don’t care. I’ll be a storm trooper.’ Fortunately for me he gave me this particular role. And he did say on The Rosie O’Donnell Show that I would have a significant part in the next one. Hopefully, I can get that tape and give it to my agent.”

Vocal support

Following the high school massacre in Littleton, Colo., pop star Gloria Estefan was among the 60-odd people, ranging from poet Maya Angelou to actor-activist Andrew Shue, who took part in a White House summit on kids and violence held in May. “I know I was probably invited because of my participation in the music field, because everything’s come under fire, from entertainment to gun control,” says Estefan, 41. “But I was mainly there as a parent and a concerned citizen.” The Cuban-born singer, who has two children, wasn’t nervous about voicing her opinion in front of President Clinton—or anyone else. “You know,” she says with a laugh, “I’ve never had a fear of speaking out.”

Star turn

In the new romantic comedy Notting Hill, Julia Roberts portrays Anna Scott, a world-famous movie star not unlike, say, Julia Roberts. The actress worked particularly hard not to just play herself. “I found it really challenging in every scene,” says Roberts, 31, whose character falls for a common-bloke bookstore owner (Hugh Grant) in the trendy London neighborhood whence the film takes its name. “She was so different from me that I had to be careful not to impose what I would want to do if I was in that situation. Her perception of things is a lot more high-strung than mine. So I had to be really clear that it was her and not me, and I had to make her choices.”


Tom Selleck plays a fireman who may be the anonymous author of the mushy missive central to The Love Letter, the new romantic comedy costarring Kate Capshaw and Ellen DeGeneres. And has the rugged actor ever composed a love letter himself? “Jillie and I have exchanged letters—Jillie more than me,” says Selleck, 54, who has been married to actress Jillie Mack for 11 years. “But never like this. When you put in all those metaphors and get real flowery…what if it’s just corny? A lot of us can’t write like the author of the letter in The Love Letter. It takes a lot of nerve to think you can be good.”

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