January 11, 1999 12:00 PM

Promises, promises

As they prepared to party like it’s 1999, we asked a few celebs to reveal their New Year’s resolutions. Here are their self-improvement goals for the next millennium.

Danny Glover: “I’m going to learn how to speak French, because everybody I want to talk to in West Africa speaks French.”

Tom Hanks: “I gotta start taking those Pilates classes. That would be my New Year’s resolution.”

Greg Kinnear: “I come up with something that’s easy. This year I won’t mix fruit sweetener with my water.”

Tim Daly: “Find an impeachable offense or something to indict Kenneth Starr on.”

Tyson Beckford, model: “I did one movie this past year, so I’ve got to do five more movies, even if I’m in it just for a minute, saying, ‘Hi, sir, can I help you?’ I’ve got to constantly keep hustling.”

Arsenio Hall: “Remove all the clothes that are currently hanging on my StairMaster and use the damn thing!”

Ellen DeGeneres: “The thing about me is, I’m perfect. That’s what I like about me—I don’t need to change anything….No, if anything, I just want to experience more joy and bliss and not let negative things into my life.”

Willie Nelson: “Not to make one. It seems the most logical.”

Salma Hayek: “I have the same resolution that I had last year and the year before and the year before: Exercise! I always start very enthusiastically. In January I’m exercising like crazy. Then come February I’m already making the resolution again for the following year. This year I’m really going to do it, though Really.”

Sandra Bullock: “Always ice cream. I’m not going to take away the things that make me happy.”

Mary Tyler Moore: “To work very hard for all animals that are in shelters to make their lives better. It’s a new undertaking.”

Natasha Richardson: “To be less impatient because I’m very impatient, and that’s my least favorite quality about myself.”

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf: “Just to be thankful. Five years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have had five years cancer-free, so I’m fortunate.”

Susan Lucci: “I’m trying to get back to singing, just for myself, because that’s how I began. I’ve had such a tight schedule that I haven’t been able to work in my singing lessons, but I want to study voice.”

Luther Vandross: “Of course I want to get rid of the excess poundage. I try every year. I have a secret weapon this time—I’m not telling what it is, but it may work.”

Tommy Hilfiger: “To balance my time: I want my family to get as much from me as my business. I want the scale to be even.”

Julia Roberts: “Not being lazy about running every day. I can’t make the don’t-eat-chocolate resolution anymore. What’s the point?”

Greta Van Susteren (CNN’s Burden of Proof): “To learn to comb my hair before my show, rather than after. My hair is so unruly, it always looks like I combed it with a fan. During commercials my producers will say politely, ‘Do you have a brush?’ ”

Rosie O’Donnell: “I have the same one every year: I’m going to get healthier and be fit. And come Jan. 15, it’s out the window!”

Randy Travis: “New Year’s resolutions? I never have, never will. They never work.”

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