August 12, 1996 12:00 PM


Deciphering puzzles of the paranormal kind are all in a night’s work for The X-Files’ Dana Scully, but actress Gillian Anderson, who plays the FBI agent, says the Emmy Awards (airing Sept. 8 on ABC) pose quite another problem. “I guess I’ll have to spend 10 minutes a day from now on practicing my it’s-an-honor-to-be-nominated look,” jokes Anderson, 28, a nominee for best actress in a drama series. “You never know when the camera will be on you.” Not that the Emmy nod has caused her X-Files costars to cut her any slack. On the day that Anderson learned of her nomination, she recalls, “I had a scene with all this scientific dialogue where I was confronting Skinner [actor Mitch Pileggi] and blowing every other word. There were 10 extras watching, and at one point, Mitch turned to everyone and announced, ‘That’s Gillian Anderson, Emmy-nominated actress!’ ”


First Brother Roger Clinton, 40, has lost 20 pounds since April, when he began hosting the weekly program Tennis Extra Magazine on the cable network Prime Sports. “I got the wakeup call when I watched my first show,” says Clinton, 5’11”, who now weighs 203 lbs. “I joined a gym the next day.” But Roger, an avid tennis player, was fit enough to dust his big brother the last time they hit the courts, which was before Bill Clinton became President. Says Roger: “I don’t recall the score, but it was a pretty handy victory.” So now he would let the Commander-in-Chief win, right? “No way! I don’t let him win anything,” says Roger. “The only thing he wins is what he can win, and that’s golf. And, of course, the election.”


NBA star Shaquille O’Neal traded his size-22 Reeboks for tasseled slippers to play the rapping genie in the current children’s film Kazaam. Having signed a seven-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for a reported $121 million, O’Neal, 24, says he does not have many wishes left: “They’ve all come true.” But one wish he’s working on is to have a big family, and O’Neal is on his way. His fiancée, Arnetta, welcomed their first child, daughter Taheara, on July 19. “I [also] want boys so I can pass on my stuff,” he says. “I’ll be stricter than my father was, and he was strict, man. When I was 13, I was so bad, I was on punishment the whole year. I had to be home right after school. If I wasn’t, my father would sneak around in his truck looking for me. As a kid, I didn’t understand that. Now I do, and I’m glad he did it.”


As if being an Oscar-winning actress, infomercial queen and pop diva (her latest album is It’s a Man’s World) weren’t enough, Cher, 50, now wants to direct. “I won’t be able to do what I’m doing forever—you get to be a certain age in America and you’re kind of screwed—and there aren’t that many scripts floating around for 50-year-old chicks,” says Cher, who directed a segment of HBO’s If These Walls Could Talk, a trilogy of short films about abortion set to air this fall. And now that she has passed the half-century mark, Cher says she may finally write her memoirs. “But I hope that everybody dies first,” she says, “because it will be really honest. Lots of people will be really pissed off.”

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