September 30, 1996 12:00 PM


Don’t tire yourself out worrying that MTV’s Jenny McCarthy may not be getting enough shut-eye. The hyperkinetic 23-year-old manages to nap anywhere on a moment’s notice. “I’ll lay down on an airport floor,” says McCarthy, who has been crisscrossing the country to promote Surfin’ Safari, a CD of her favorite summer tunes. “I’ve been busted so many times for that. If I’m in a long line, I just put my shades on and use my suitcase as a pillow.” This may rattle airport security but not her fellow travelers. “People leave me alone when I’m lying on the ground,” says McCarthy, adding that catching up on her sleep is such a priority, she has even learned to nap in taxis. “When I’m in cabs, I lay down on my stomach with my feet out the window and my face stuck to the seat, and I’m out cold.”


Asked if he’ll do more nude scenes on NYPD Blue now that he has won his second Emmy as Det. Andy Sipowicz, Dennis Franz says, “Hey, we want to keep the ratings up, which means me in clothes, thank you. I want to keep my job.” Franz, 51, can also be seen, fully clothed, with Dustin Hoffman, in American Buffalo. “When you meet somebody like Dustin, who you only know through [his] characters, you don’t know what to expect. I’m thinking, ‘Am I meeting Rain Man? Ratso Rizzo? Tootsie?’ ” says Franz. So who turned up? “A real family man. We’d stop work because he’d promised to call one of his kids after school.”


Bruce Willis turned up at the 1992 Republican National Convention but passed on the GOP’s party last month in San Diego. The action hero has never claimed to be a die-hard party man. “I’m only conservative in the fact that I am for smaller government and less spending,” says Willis, 41, whose latest shoot-’em-up, Last Man Standing, opened last week. “I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with the American economy that having back 20 percent of your dough wouldn’t fix overnight. Whatever you made last year, wouldn’t you like to have 20 percent of it back?” Sure, but we’d rather have 20 percent of Willis’s income back. “Me, too,” he says. “I’m telling you: They don’t need 50 percent of your money to run the government. That’s just theft.”


Isabella Rossellini isn’t making any predictions about her romantic future with actor Gary Oldman. “Gary and I are still together, [but] I don’t know if we’re getting married or not,” says Rossellini, 44, who costars with Stephen Rea in HBO’s current film about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial, Crime of the Century. But don’t look for her and Oldman, who met on the set of 1994’s Immortal Beloved, to work together again. “Once somebody becomes family, I find it hard to work with them,” says Rossellini. “I want so much their approval. I did like working with Gary. But [once] we got involved, I was worried every time we did a scene. What did he think? Was he disappointed? You don’t have that with an actor you don’t know.” As for one directing the other, Rossellini says, “If he directed me, that would be a nightmare. I can’t think of anything worse.” And if she directed him? “I don’t think Gary would listen.”

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