August 28, 1995 12:00 PM


ER’s Gloria Reuben, who had a recurring role caring for Dr. Benton’s dying mother last season, scrubs up to return this fall as a series regular, playing a very married physician assistant attracted to Peter Benton (Eriq LaSalle). But in real life, says Reuben, 30, “I’m very single. I don’t have a boyfriend, and I’m not even dating. Believe me, I rack my brains to figure out what the problem is.” Her dream date, she says, “would be someone with a sense of humor—I need to laugh—and somebody who likes to take naps after brunch on Sundays.” Between boyfriends, Reuben enjoys her screen shifts working with such leading men as Johnny Depp, her costar in Nick of Time, a thriller due in October. “He’s a real sweetheart,” she says. “He’s a Gemini—very sensitive, a little shy and very funny. If he wanted to trash a hotel room with me in it, that would be just fine.”


Antonio Banderas reigns in Spain, and sometimes his family wishes he didn’t. “My mother lives in [the coastal resort of] Málaga, and even there she can’t get away from tabloid articles about me,” sighs Banderas, 35, who filled plenty of pages when his American inamorata Melanie Griffith visited his home in Madrid last month. “Mom says, ‘Stop it! You are in all the newspapers.’ I say, ‘Mom, how do I stop? The newspapers have to stop first.’ ” So during his holiday he tried a different tack. “I went on a sailboat in Malaga, and there were seven boats circling me,” says Banderas, who stars in the sequel to El Mariachi, Desperado, due Aug. 25. “Finally, I made a deal with tabloid reporters: ‘Can I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off?’ And they agreed. Now, a couple of days a week, they do not follow me.”


Kelly Lynch turned down Sharon Stone’s role in Basic Instinct and nixed a turn in the stripper flick Showgirls. “I have no problem with nudity,” says Lynch, 35, who plays a criminal psychologist in Virtuosity, “but it’s not sexy unless your heart and mind are engaged.” How would Lynch script a sexy scene? “Okay,” she says, “it should take a long, long time to get into bed. I like a bit of a struggle against the inevitable. Sex is awkward and weird. It’s too choreographed in movies.” The sexiest movie she’s seen dates to 1971. “I loved The Last Picture Show. It was so innocent yet decadent. I was young when I saw it. It was the promise of being an older girl with boys and convertibles. I thought, ‘Whoa! So this is growing up!’ ”


Home Alone villain Daniel Stern now stars in Bushwhacked as a fugitive who meets a scout troop and winds up leading them through the wilderness. The role promises to solidify his standing with the preteen set. “Those are my guys,” says Stern, 37. “I’m the Elvis of the 8-to-12-year-olds. I’ll be in a mall, and kids run up wanting to know how I did stuff in Home Alone: How did I get the iron in my head or the brick in my face and still survive? It’s nice because these fans aren’t old enough to figure out where you live—at least I hope not.” His own kids, ages 13, 10 and 6, review his scripts. “They’re my own personal marketing research group,” says Stern, who consulted them on Bushwhacked. “It was my son Henry’s idea to have one of the kids fall over a cliff and have everyone think he’s a goner. I said, ‘That’s a good idea. I’m lifting it.’ ” Did he increase the 13-year-old’s allowance? “No,” says Stern, “but I feed him.”

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