December 18, 1995 12:00 PM


So what was she thinking? The talk after Ivana Trump’s recent marriage to Riccardo Mazzucchelli wasn’t about the wedding itself—everyone was ready for that. But nothing had prepared Ivana watchers for her Thierry Mugler hat and veil, which featured a thick white border that cut across the bride’s face like the Phantom of the Opera’s mask. “She looked great: It was very Ivana,” says designer Carolina Herrera. Not everyone agreed. “At first I thought she was wearing her hat backwards,” says Anne Slowey, accessories editor of Women’s Wear Daily. “Then I thought maybe it was some Czechoslovakian custom where you cover part of the face.” Designer Vera Wang was slightly more charitable. “I thought her headpiece was inventive and witty,” she says. “What troubled me was the one-eyed Batwoman veil. I thought it was excessive.” Ivana’s view “It was a beautiful hat I have never been accused of being a plain lane or being ordinary”


As GoldenEye’s villainess Xenia Onatopp, newcomer Famke Janssen squeezes the life out of her prey. “I kill men by wrapping my legs around their rib cages and crushing them to death with my thighs,” says Janssen, 31, a Dutch-born model whose major movie credit had been Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions. “I’m like the human ThighMaster—Suzanne Somers should watch out.” James Bond can vouch for her effectiveness. “Pierce Brosnan and I spent days hurling around a room with padded walls where I tried to squeeze him to death ” says Janssen “It was painful For Pierce I think he was afraid I would hurt him especially after I knocked the wind out of one of the stunt guys ”


Harry Belafonte, who hasn’t had a major movie role since the 1974 comedy Uptown Saturday Night, turns up as John Travolta’s costar in White Man’s Burden, a political fable that imagines America run by a black ruling class. “I think I was viewed as a relic,” says Belafonte 68. “To many people, I was just the guy who sang ‘The Banana Boat Song.’ Nobody was knocking on my door There were parts I wanted like the chauffeur in Driving Miss Daisy that I didn’t get.” Still he’ll always have his Island in the Sun, the 1957 drama featuring the first interracial romance in American movies. But Belafonte adds “I didn’t kiss Joan Fontaine. It was implied We admired each other from a great distance The idea of interracial love scenes in a movie still causes a stir.”


In Father of the Bride, Part II, elfin comedian Martin Short reprises his role as the flamboyant party planner Franck, whose exaggerated Eurospeak bemused Steve Martin and amused audiences in the 1991 hit movie. “Franck’s so pretentious that he’s affected by 17 different sources,” says Short 45 who created the accent “I think he winters in Hong Kong, summers in Brussels and has an orthodontist in Des Moines.” Short’s role in the sequel calls for him to carry a samnolent Martin on his back Everybody kept saying, Oh, boy, is your back going to be dead tomorrow! Short recalls. But it wasn’t. I think it’s because I still lift my three children, and my oldest is 12. It’s the calf theory: If you lift a calf every day, you can lift a cow. So I lifted Steve, the cow.”

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