November 06, 1995 12:00 PM


Don’t try to give marital advice to Full House’s Candace Cameron, 19, who next June will marry Russian-born pro-hockey player Valeri Bure, 21, of the Montreal Canadiens. “Everyone except my family and close friends has said, ‘You should wait a while. You should have more experiences,’ ” says Cameron, who stars in NBC’s Visitors of the Night on Nov 27. “But once you find love, you find it. There isn’t an age on love.” Her family can’t tell her differently. “My mom was 19 and Kirk was 20,” she says of older brother Kirk Cameron, now starring in the WB sitcom Kirk with his wife, Chelsea Noble, whom he wed in 1991. Nor can her Full House castmate Dave Coulier, an amateur hockey player who introduced her to her fiancé. Sighs Can-dace: “I still pretty much say thank you every time I see him.”


Linda Fiorentino, the smoky-voiced siren of The Last Seduction, gives another uninhibited performance as a seductive psychologist in Jade, the new romantic thriller. “It’s false bravado,” says Fiorentino, 35, of playing a sexually charged predator. “If I walk on a set and I’m inhibited, I wouldn’t be able to do my work.” Chazz Palminteri, who plays her jealous attorney husband, never let on that their sex scene in Jade was his first. “I would have been more gentle if I had known he was a virgin!” says Fiorentino, laughing. But Peter Berg, her Last Seduction lover, did admit to being uncomfortable onscreen. “He was so nervous,” she says. “Usually it’s the actress going, ‘Oh, I can’t do this! My dad’s going to kill me!’ And here was this man going, ‘Oh, my wife’s going to kill me!’ The role reversal offscreen made the scene work,’ cause I knew how terrified he was.”


Along with seeing all his old Cheers buddies at the “very classy, comfortable” Oct. 7 Martha’s Vineyard wedding of Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, John Ratzenberger—better known as Cliff the mailman—got to golf with fellow guest Bill Clinton, an old Arkansas pal of the bride’s. “I did terribly, but I only started playing a year ago,” says Ratzenberger, 48, who divides his time between showbiz and his six-year-old environmental-products company, which makes such things as earth-friendly packaging and recyclable cat-box litter. “I live on an island near Seattle, and during mating season the ducks land in the water in front of my house. Jet skiers kept riding through them, so I got a golf club and pretended I was hitting balls out there to keep people away. It worked; then I realized I had this $100 club, which I might as well learn to use. The ducks made me do it.”


As Get Shorty’s unflappable loan shark Chili Palmer, John Travolta may be the coolest man alive, but don’t tell him that. “I’m a goofy guy,” says Travolta, 41. “I can count the times in my life that I believed I was cool and instant karma slapped me in the face…. Okay, a few weeks ago I have a meeting with a director,” he begins. “I’m feeling kind of drab. So I get out my red 1964 Jaguar, turn down the top, light a cigar and put on the theme music from A Man and a Woman. I’m driving down Sunset Boulevard like the cool movie star I am, right? I’ve got the sunglasses on, people are looking. On the worst turn possible, where you’ve always thought, ‘I would die if my car broke down here,’ the car sputters to a dead stop. Finally a guy comes down from one of the mansions and helps me push the car into his driveway. I’m sitting in the dead car thinking, ‘Why did I try to be cool?’ ”

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