November 07, 1994 12:00 PM


The filming of Die Hard: With a Vengeance has taken New York City by siege. “We shot for 10 days around Wall Street and practically shut the whole area down,” says Bruce Willis, who stars in the adventure with fellow Pulp Fiction alum Samuel Jackson. “We shut down parts of the FDR Drive. People have gotten pissed off—rightly so.” Willis himself was held hostage by traffic tie-ups. “The morning that they blew up a store that’s supposed to be Bonwit Teller, I went down to a place on lower Broadway to buy a baseball glove,” says Willis, 39. “I was trying to drive back across town, but they had the streets blocked off with barricades and cops. I was fuming, stuck in the car, thinking, ‘What is this, some parade? What the hell is going on here?’ And then I realized, “Oops! It’s Die Hard.’ ”


Success can be a little scary, as Sarah Chalke, 18, has discovered since she replaced Lecy Goranson as Becky, Roseanne’s older daughter, on the hit ABC series. Now in her second season, Chalke gets recognized “more and more,” she says, and is uneasy about losing her anonymity. Says Chalke: “Today I was in the grocery store with my little sister Piper, buying her a pumpkin for Halloween, and the cashier said, ‘Aren’t you on Roseanne?’ I find it intimidating and a bit scary because it makes me wonder how much my life could change. At first, I actually lied and said, ‘No, but I get asked that a lot.’ I’m trying now to get comfortable enough with it to say, ‘Yes,’ then smile politely and move on.”


Like Bela Lugosi, the Hungarian horrormeister he plays in Ed Wood, Martin Landau says he, too, has suffered from typecasting. The role that almost did his career in, he says, was Rollin Hand, the master of disguises Landau played on the CBS series Mission: Impossible (1966-69). “That show changed everything,” says Landau, 63, now divorced from his MI costar Barbara Bain. (Their daughter, actress Juliet Landau, has a small role in Ed Wood.) “Back then, movie directors felt that audiences wouldn’t pay to see somebody they could see for free on TV.” Still, Landau has appeared in dozens of films, earning Oscar nominations for 1988’s Tucker and 1989’s Crimes and Misdemeanors. “Some of the things [I’ve appeared in] should be turned into guitar picks,” he says, “where even my friends say, ‘Interesting! I thought you looked good in that suit.’ ”


On NYPD Blue, Debrah Farentino got to romance David Caruso as the widow of his rich friend, but she calls playing a space colonist on NBC’s new sci-fi series Earth 2 her dream role. “I’ve been fascinated by space travel since 1969,” explains Farentino, 35. “I still have the San Francisco Chronicle with the “Men on Moon” headline. To me, the ultimate would be to go on the space shuttle. I’d make sure my life insurance policy was in order, but I’d go in a second.” Who would populate Farentino’s perfect planet? “Albert Einstein, because I’d need him. Wolfgang Puck, because I can’t cook. And a great masseuse. If I had those three people, I could go and discover anything.”

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