February 21, 1994 12:00 PM


Ratso Rizzo and Joe Buck are back: To mark its 25th anniversary as 1969’s Oscar-winning Best Picture, Midnight Cowboy will be re released, opening Feb. 25 in L.A. and New York City. The subject matter “is just as controversial today as it was then,” says Jon Voight, 55, who played the naive Texas cowboy gigolo befriended by Dustin Hoffman’s small-time coman. Thankfully, Voight commands a much bigger salary today than he did then. “After Midnight Cowboy, I had to go to work right away on Gunsmoke so I could pay my bills,” says Voight, who made only $17,000 for his part in John Schlesinger’s movie. “I wanted the role so much I said I’d do the piece for nothing, and they took me up on it pretty much.”


The thriller Blink taps into every woman’s urban nightmare as Madeleine Stowe, a visually impaired violinist alone in her Chicago apartment, is awakened by an intruder. To play the outlandish cop who is assigned to the case, costar Aidan Quinn confronted a nightmare of his own: doing a striplease in a bar “That was frightening,” says Quinn, 34. “I kept saying, ‘There’s no way a cop is going to do that.’ ” But his research showed otherwise. “The first night I went out with the Chicago P.D.,” he says, “we went into a cop bar, and it wasn’t five minutes before a cop dropped his drawers and danced around in his underwear.” So Quinn did the dance, only to face yet another fear—going on the Late Show with David Letterman. Says Quinn: “Going before a live audience where you’re supposed to be funny—that’s terrifying.”


Playing Ceena, the lippy hippie, to right-wing ranter Henry Winkler on Fox’s new sitcom Monty comes naturally to China kantner, daughter of the Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick and Paul kantner (who split in 1975). “I don’t take anything from anybody. If someone messes with me, I’m like a mafioso—there’s bloodshed!” says Kantner, 23, who calls Monty “a pompous, permanently-having-a-bad-hair-day facist” but shares a house with him on the show because she’s engaged to his son. Kantner didn’t even take a helpful hint when she first came to Hollywood. ” ‘We really like your reading,’ ” Kantner recalls being told, ” ‘but you might want to lose 10 pounds. That way, for men in the audience, there’s something to watch.’ I said, ‘I’m 115 pounds. If I’ve got a fat bull, I’ll get work with it’—and here I am!”


Country rocker Travis Tritt calls singing at the Super Bowl last month “a dream,” but a bigger career coup was reuniting the Eagles after 13 years for the “Take It Easy” video from Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles. “These guys were major influences on my life,” says Tritt, 31. “I rode around listening to Hotel California on eight-track in my ’69 Rambler. At the shoot, I walked up to them and said, ‘Thank you for supplying the soundtrack to my life.’ ” Not that meeting the disbanded group inspired a peaceful, easy feeling at first. “I’d heard rumors about personality conflicts—especially between Glenn Frey and Don Henley—but everybody got along great. We had a small setup in an L.A. club, so it felt more like a high school band getting back together.”

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