January 24, 1994 12:00 PM


Connie Sellecca will be expanding this season as the star of CBS’s nighttime soap Second Chances. She and husband John Tesh, married almost two years, are expecting their first baby in June. “Our life is so good, I wanted to wait five years before we had a child, but I had the two of them asking me all the time,” says Sellecca, 38, of her husband and her 12-year-old son, Gib, from a previous marriage to actor Gil Gerard. “John’s started talking to the baby so it will recognize his voice, and my son comes to my doctor’s appointments to hear the heartbeat. He wants to be in the delivery room, but we haven’t made that decision yet.” Well, he can always see the movie—they plan to film the delivery. “Absolutely!” says Sellecca. “I have a tape of my son’s birth and he loves watching it.”


The depths to which a nasty divorce can sink are seen in the CBS miniseries In the Best of Families: Marriage., Pride and Madness (Jan. 16, 18). Harry Hamlin plays a gun-toting loner who romances his cousin when her marriage falls apart. “Divorce can produce the absolute worst behavior I’ve ever seen,” says Hamlin, 42, who has gone through the experience with both Falcon Crest’s Laura Johnson and most recently Knots Landing’s Nicollette Sheridan. Now Hamlin is seeing Days of Our Lives’ Lisa Rinna, even though “people told me, ‘Don’t date another actress,’ ” he says. “But [I like] that camaraderie based on common experience. If you’re dating a lawyer, how do you tell her that you’re depressed because you got rejected from a movie audition?”


The British writer C.S. Lewis has a spectacularly good cry in the romantic biopic Shadowlands—and so does the movie audience. So, did Anthony Hopkins, the actor who plays Lewis, break down when he saw himself sobbing onscreen? “No! I detach myself,” says Hopkins, 56. In fact, he last cried at a movie in 1943, “Lassie Come Home, as a little boy,” recalls Hopkins. “My father laughed at me, so I never cried afterward…. Maybe I am under too much control. [But] I don’t like gushing. I am more like Hannibal Lecter. Very dangerous when you get to know me.”


Daniel Day-Lewis deserves time off for good behavior after filming In the Name of the Father. Cast as Gerry Conlon, a Belfast ne’er-do-well wrongly imprisoned for an IRA bombing, Day-Lewis spent one week in a closed-down Belfast prison preparing for his role. “I hale to talk about my methods,” says the 36-year-old Day-Lewis. “[But] I did place myself in a prison cell and had a crew member wake me up every few hours to make sure I understood how mad one becomes when deprived of sleep. I also ate very little. It was a way to plunge myself into the despair of my character. I didn’t want to just pretend—I wanted to live the experience.” And after he was sprung? “I filmed a scene for the movie and immediately took a very long nap.”

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