May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

With films such as Coal Miner’s Daughter, Missing and The River, Sissy Spacek has made a career out. of playing ordinary people with extraordinary fortitude. So A Place for Annie, this week’s TV movie (ABC) about a nurse who adopts an HIV-positive baby, was a natural for her. “I find the people most inspirational are everyday people who don’t have a lot of power to make a difference but are able to anyway,” says Spacek, 44, who works only periodically, preferring to spend time on her Charlottesville, Va., farm with her husband, director Jack Fisk, and their daughters Schuyler, 11, and Madison. 5. Even when she’s on location, Spacek is never far from home. “Grandma, Grandpa, husband, dogs, kids—they all come,” she says. “They enjoy it, and I enjoy working a lot more with them around.”

Lauren Tom, one of the young stars of The Joy Luck Club, actually enjoyed the tremors of a 5.3 earthquake recently. She met Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in L.A. to promote their upcoming drama, When a Man Loves a Woman, which opens April 29. “We were in the hotel restaurant eating lunch when the earthquake happened,” says Tom, 27. “Andy was sitting next to me, and he, like, held me—put his arms around me, hugging me through the whole thing. He thought I was scared. I was a little scared because it went on and on and on, but I was like, ‘This isn’t bad! We can have another one, I don’t mind.'”

When Entertainment Tonight cohost John Tesh isn’t on TV, he’s a music man, playing piano or producing instrumental albums such as his new Sax by the Fire. However, recently he took some time out to record a different type of sound. “Right now my wife [Connie Sellecca] is eight months pregnant,” says Tesh, 41. “So I rigged up a sophisticated microphone, taped it to her stomach and recorded. The sounds are unbelievable: her heartbeat, the baby’s heartbeat and a lot of gas. I’ll play this [after he’s born] and maybe put him to sleep.” Him? “We don’t know, but if it’s a boy, we’ll name him Primo John, after our late fathers. If it’s a girl, well, maybe Prima.”

Liverpudlian actor Ian Hart. 29, missed Beatlemania but knows John Lennon’s life well from playing him in the 1992 film The Hours and the Times and now in Backbeat, an account of the Beatles’ early years. Hart’s eclectic work history includes milking cows in Switzerland and a brief stint at a London drama school. “I was living in Euston Station,” says Hart, “but every day I wandered around London with two rucksacks on my back. I’d get to dance class, have to unload my bag to find something to wear, and by the time I put it on, class was over.” Now, Hart says, “I’ll be an actor as long as I can. The week before I got Backbeat, I was delivering salmon for a catering firm.”

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