April 11, 1994 12:00 PM


First, Hayden and Christine weren’t getting married. Now it’s Judy and Dauber who can’t seem to tie the knot on ABC’s Coach. When will they make it to the altar? “I’ve been waiting too,” says comedian Pam Stone, in her fifth season as the series’ 6’1″ basketball coach who has eyes for the brawny but air-brained jock played by Bill Fagerbakke. “I think Judy desperately wants to get married. He’s the first guy who’s been supportive of her career—and he’s taller than she is.” But Stone has no plans to make an honest man out of her own longtime beau, comedian Paul Zimmerman. “If I ever do get married, he’d be the guy,” says Stone, 34. “But the idea of commitment scares me. You never know if there’s something better out there. It’s the same fear I get buying video equipment. You don’t want to get married and six months later say, ‘Oh, crap! I got a Beta!’ ”


Since buying the Ice Capades nearly a year ago, former Olympian Dorothy Hamill has transformed the Vegas-styled variety show into elegant theater. Her first production, Cinderella…Frozen in Time, airs as an ABC special (April 16). “We don’t have bare midriffs and big headdresses,” says Hamill, 37, who skates in the title role. “The old Ice Capades hired people for the way they looked in costumes. We hire them for the way they skate.” Even gender seems unimportant; Hamill cast men as the evil stepsisters. “It works because they’re so big and they walk funny [when trying to impersonate women],” says Hamill. “Besides, would you want to have to cast women as ugly stepsisters?”


David Lee Roth, the former Van Halen vocalist who’s now a solo act, loves a challenge. “Two tours ago, I said, ‘My feet shall not touch civilian ground for three days and three nights,’ ” says the singer, who is touring behind his new album, Your Filthy Little Mouth. “It was preposterous, but I wanted to see if I could do it. I would leap from the stairway to the dressing trailer. Roadies and security guys carried me from the tour bus, even into a truck stop. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it makes a damn fine drinking story.” And, perhaps, a fish tale? “All right, maybe I’m being dramatic for effect,” says Roth, 38. Pause. “Maybe I’m not.”


In Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Leslie Nielsen does his third turn as Lt. Frank Drebin, the most clueless lawman since Inspector Clouseau. And though he has the deadpan Drebin down pat, the actor wasn’t as successful at mastering complicated dance steps for a scene with Pia Zadora. “I never did get them down. Thank God when you’re playing Drebin, perfection is the last thing you strive for,” says Nielsen, who loves slapstick but doesn’t promote himself for comedies. “They have to call me. Because if they ever had to say, ‘You’re not being funny enough,’ I’d say, ‘Excuse me, did I call you? You called me, and it was a mistake? Well, it’s not my mistake.’ ”

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