By Kim Cunningham
October 11, 1993 12:00 PM
  • Tony Goldwyn, 33, is thrilled to play the President’s chief of staff in The Pelican Brief, the upcoming film based on John Grisham’s best-seller and costarring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. But the actor, grandson of legendary mogul Samuel Goldwyn, is reluctant to predict how audiences will react. After all, he had doubts about 1990’s Ghost, in which he had his first major role, as a seductive murderer—and that film turned out to be a surprise blockbuster. “It had a real solid feeling to it, ” he recalls, “but the day before it opened, I thought it might go the way of Ghost Dad, which had just opened and bombed. That’s what everyone thought I was in anyway.”


Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey makes her Broadway debut this month in The Twilight of the Golds, playing a pregnant woman who discovers, through a new type of genetic testing, that her unborn child will be homosexual. “It’s a provocative, smart and very funny play,” says Grey, 33. “But the real reason I did it was to be closer to Dave Letterman whose CBS Late Show is taped on Broadway]. I have the biggest crush on him.” Since moving to 11:30 p.m., says Grey, a longtime viewer, “the new Dave flirts with every actress and I hate it! Sometimes I get so jealous, I can’t sleep.” Isn’t Grey dating White House adviser George Stephanopoulos? Grey refuses to comment, answering only, “I can have a crush, can’t I? Besides, I’m smitten. That scruffy hair. The humor. That brain.” The gap between his front teeth? “Oh, the gap sends me!”


Big wheels keep on turning, and the tireless Tina Turner, 53, keeps on burning. Starting Oct. 11, the rocker begins a 24-date tour through Australia and New Zealand. “When I came up with the tour [idea],” says Turner, “people thought I couldn’t do it. They said, ‘You’re going to die out there.’ But nothing has happened to my body where I have to worry about age yet.” Turner says her energy level wasn’t the only thing people were wrong about: Those who think she wears microskirts and high heels onstage simply for fashion are also mistaken. “It is said that I’m showing my legs off, but I’m not,” explains Turner. “Once I hit the stage, I don’t want to worry about. [clothes] tearing or tripping me. And another thing—higher shoes help me dance. No one believes me, but I don’t care.”


Imagine asking Hulk Hogan, the former World Wrestling Federation champ with 24-inch biceps, to wear a tutu. That task fell to Michael Gottlieb, director of the comedy film Mr. Nanny, starring Hogan in the title role as an ex-wrestler who’d even suit up as a ballerina for the two unruly kids he baby-sits. “The day we shot the scene, Michael was very sensitive and said, ‘Just put the top on—you don’t need the ruffles and tights,” says Hogan, 40. “I said, ‘Michael, there’s one thing I’ve learned about the entertainment world. Once you commit you sell, you sell out and go 100 percent. I’m putting the whole outfit on.’ ”