December 01, 1975 12:00 PM

Match Pointers

“Man, girls bother me all the time,” notes Wimbledon champ Arthur Ashe, not that he minds being the top seed (even above Swede Bjorn Borg) of tennis groupies. Though 32, he maintains that “romance and marriage have not entered my life yet.” That will have to wait until he retires from tennis “in about five years. I would like to settle down with a family after that.” But his way. “I will expect some subservience from my wife,” Ashe declares. “I’m not a male chauvinist, but at the same time I don’t believe in 50/50 equality. I’d like it to be 60/40—with me holding the balance of power.”

When Things Are Rotten

It’s a toss-up on who’s the most melancholy Dane these days: Queen Margrethe or her French diplomat husband of eight years, Prince Henrik. Within the past year, Henrik has taken off on more than a dozen jaunts abroad—solo. And when they do make appearances together, a Danish newspaper observes, “the Prince rarely even looks at her and doesn’t offer her his arm any more.” At a recent state banquet, they even got into a heated public quarrel until Margrethe chilled Henrik and the room. “Don’t ever forget,” she snapped, “that I am queen.”


“I am happy in America,” insists ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov, who sought asylum in the West 17 months ago, “but I am still a Russian and I hope one day I may go back to dance in Russia.” In London recently, he sought to speed that day when he secretly contacted Soviet officials. Their terms for returning were reportedly harsh: Baryshnikov must in effect renounce his defection, and he would not be allowed out of Mother Russia again until he had danced a sufficiently “punishing” period of penance within. Since at 27 Baryshnikov wants to spend his prime dancing years with more modern Western troupes, he probably will not end his exile. But, as he told one friend, “my home company is still the Kirov in Leningrad—whenever they dance anywhere, my spirit is with them.”

Final Cut

After bearing Quincy Jones’ daughter and then marrying the musician last fall in between his two brain operations, Peggy Lipton finally found the peace that surpasseth stardom in Mod Squad. For a while she still pined for her interrupted career. Now, with their second child expected in May—and with Jones’ first postoperative LP, Mellow Madness, bouncing around atop the jazz charts—Peggy, 29, has sworn to friends she will never work again.

All Wet

Cleveland Amory, high-society’s-turned-humane society’s child, may have gotten in over his head. While making his humanitarian rounds in Las Vegas, Amory charged that the MGM Grand Hotel penned Doc, its performing dolphin, in a “private Sing Sing” between shows. Doc’s act is untying a mermaid’s bikini bra with his jaws, and Amory called for a retaliatory boycott against all MGM properties. But Metro retorted that it “does not feel Cleveland Amory is an authority on animals,” and the local humane society obliquely concurred. Doc, after all, is now 23 (which his trainer likens to 78 in humans), and doesn’t need a lot of exercise room. “Dolphins are a very sensitive mammal,” concluded the local group’s head, and “if Doc was unhappy, he wouldn’t be alive.”


•If Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is still king of the stockyards, the herd of Democratic presidential candidates will not thunder into the Illinois primary next March. Daley has anointed Sen. Adlai Stevenson 3rd as his favorite son candidate. Daley doesn’t take Adlai seriously—he just wants control of Illinois’ 169 convention delegates. Who’s Da Mare’s real choice? “Teddy Kennedy,” says an informant, “because he can win.”

•Don’t blame me, says Phyllis Diller, for the coiffure she affects in supermarkets. A fan from Neosho, Mo. sent Diller the wig with built-in curlers.

•Whether it’s first-semester blahs, her yen to turn professional photographer or the lure of Colorado Mountain College (in Glenwood Springs, Colo.), Susan Ford has contemplated dropping out of Washington’s Mount Vernon College. Can Mount Vernon still keep its most famous freshperson? One possible inducement: cooking up a special photographic project (for credit) that will enable Susan to take a midterm sabbatical with her dad on his upcoming China trip.

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