March 08, 1993 12:00 PM


In the new movie Amos & Andrew, Sam Jackson plays a sucessful playwright who is arrested for breaking into his own house in an exclusive resort area when he is mistaken for a burglar by his while neighbors. It’s a comedy, but Jackson has seen the more serious side of racial misperceptions. Jackson, 44, who lives in New York City and Los Angeles, says when he moved to L.A. to film National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1, “I spent a lot of time going in and out of stores with somebody following me, thinking I’m going to steal something. Then someone would recognize me and say, ‘I loved your movies,’ and they’d leave me alone.”


Actress Mary Steenburgen, who hails from Arkansas, often spends her birthday with old friends Hill and Hillary Clinton, the new residents of the While House. “Bill called when he had only been in office a few days and invited me to visit. They’re making an effort to stay connected to real people and to be there for their friends, which they did in Arkansas,” says Steenburgen, who turned 40 on Feb. 8. As for the Clintonized White House, Steenburgen says, “It’s very warm. They already have pictures of their family and friends all over the place. They had a birthday cake for me and presents—beautiful photographs of their Inauguration, with a funny note, explaining, ‘Since we know your seals weren’t the best…’ ”


Although she retired in 1989, Chris Evert, 38, still plays tennis with old pal and longtime rival Martina Navratilova in Aspen. “I’m pretty rusty, but after two or three days I get good again, and we play practice sets,” says Evert. “Then Martina leaves town, and I’m so exhausted I don’t pick up a racket for three months.” C’mon, Chris, weren’t you even tempted to compete in this past week’s Evert Cup in Indian Wells, Calif., the women’s pro event named for you? “Are you kidding? Just the thought of it makes me sweat.”


OK, admit it. You too wondered if it were true that Dolly Parton had undergone an “11-hour ordeal” on a plastic surgeon’s table, per a recent National Enquirer, to fix her forehead, eyes, lips, neck, chin and hips. Ms. Parton, would you care to elaborate on that front-page headline? “Well, there is some truth to the story,” says Parton, 47, who has just released a new album, Slow Dancing with the Moon. “I don’t want to look different, I want to look better. So I had the pelican pouch under my chin removed, some liposuction, some under-eye work. I told Dr. [Frank] Kamer, ‘Since I’m going to be asleep for a while, if you find anywhere to do a nip and tuck or suck and puck, just go right ahead and do it.’ But it didn’t take 11 hours, and I didn’t have all the stuff done they said, like forehead work. I probably could use it, but I didn’t have it.”

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