February 15, 1993 12:00 PM


His second Golden Globe Best Actor Award, for Scent of a Woman, notwithstanding, Al Pacino is all too aware that he’s 0-for-6 when it comes to Oscar (his nominations range from 1972’s The Godfather to 1990’s Dick Tracy). “You try to keep your expectations at a minimum because if you don’t, you open yourself for a disappointment,” says Pacino, 52, who figures to be nominated for either Scent or Glengarry Glen Ross. “You naturally start to think about it. I don’t have a speech ready. I haven’t thought about actually getting an Oscar. Maybe I’ll start thinking about it now.”


Vivica Fox, who portrays a stylist on the NBC sitcom Out All Night, has her own fashion no-nos. “I detest tight little minidresses,” says the actress, 28. “I’m too uncomfortable with them. When you sit down, you gotta make sure you cross your legs and don’t lean over too far.” Adds Fox: “When I go out, I like to be kind of plain—I don’t wear a lot of makeup. [Otherwise] you’re there with 50 other babes and the same kind of look. Sometimes a woman can be so overdone a person doesn’t even remember the conversation they had with them.”


When NBC adjourned Night Court last year, Richard Moll, for nine seasons the towering bald bailiff Bull, hastened to let his hair grow back. “I auditioned for [the role] right after I’d shaved my head for a major minor 3D epic, and the Night Court producers thought it was a good look,” he explains. The epic was Metalstorm: The Destruction of jared-Syn, “which I think opened on an airplane—about 12 people saw it,” says Moll, 50. “I played Herok, leader of a race of bald desert-dwelling mutants.” After the courtroom sitcom’s run ended, he says, it was either learn how to use a comb again or “audition for the next bus-and-truck tour of The King and I.”


Staci keanan, who plays the brainiac on ABC’s Step By Step, is a high school senior who plans to delay college to stay with the show. The actress, 17, scores well on standardized tests, especially in English (in fifth grade “we read books until we learned 500 words we didn’t know”). Yet she still frets about college because her first choice is Yale. “I have good grades, but you need to be beyond good,” says Keanan. “You need to be an incredible student who also founded a hospital or something.”

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