November 30, 1992 12:00 PM


Christie Brinkley, arriving at a recent children’s benefit at Manhattan’s FAO Schwarz toy store with daughter Alexa, who will be 7 next month, waxed nostalgic about the dolls of her own youth. “Everyone had Chatty Cathy, but I had a beatnik doll with long black hair, black eyeliner—there was no blue anywhere on her eyelids—and long black stockings,” recalled the model, 39. “Chatty Cathy would say things like ‘I love you,’ but mine would say, ‘Dig these crazy black stockings!’ or ‘I’m hip, like, you know, a beatnik!’ ” And what are Alexa’s tastes in dolls? Sighed Brinkley: “She has the Barbie that looks like Ivana Trump. And she just spent her allowance to buy a Rappin Rockin” Barbie that comes with a radio.”


“When I saw the script for the first episode, I said, ‘Jeez, this isn’t L.A. Law,’ ” recalls Michael Tucker, 48. Already this season his Stuart Markowitz character has been beaten up during the show’s restaging of the Los Angeles riots, suffering a memory loss that now threatens his job and his marriage to costar (and real-life wife) Jill Eikenberry. “Then I said, ‘It isn’t L.A. Law, but it’s great stuff, and I get to play a very different character,” the actor continues. “We’re looking forward to a very good year because of the show’s new sensibility. [But] if it dies, Jill and I have thought about taking a year off, moving up to Big Sur. That would be good for Max [their son, 10]. We’ll go up there and be the Swiss Family Tuckerberry.


His big-screen unflappability notwithstanding, Clint Eastwood says that off-camera he has become somewhat gun-shy when it comes to long-term relationships. On The Barbara Walters Special airing Nov. 24 on ABC, the actor, 62, describes the scars from the 1989 palimony suit brought by Sondra Locke, his girlfriend of 13 years. Though it was eventually settled out of court, and though he has been seeing actress Frances Fisher for three years, Eastwood says of the experience, “It makes you defensive. Nowadays it seems like everything’s designed [so] that you’d have to have a lawyer with you to just go out on a single date.”


Janet Hubert-Whitten doesn’t I need padding to play Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s pregnant Aunt Vivian. “The producers decided they would make me pregnant—and then I got pregnant,” explains Hubert-Whitten, 36, who expects her first child, with husband James Whitten, on Feb. 18. “Every morning I get up, it’s a new pound. I went from a 34B to a 40D chest in four months, and wardrobe was going crazy because my stomach hadn’t caught up with my chest. I look like the walking Mrs. Dumpty. I watched an episode the other night where I walked out the kitchen door and my butt walked out two seconds later. I asked them, ‘Please, no more exit shots for me.’ ”

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