By Kim Cunningham
November 09, 1992 12:00 PM


Keith Richards has just released Main Offender, the second studio album of a solo career that parallels his ongoing Rolling Stonedom. Even after 30 years of rhythm and booze, Richards, 48, says time is on his side. “Getting old is a fascinating thing,” he told The Times of London. “The older you get, the older you want to get. At 30, I couldn’t have cared less, but I’ve jumped the hurdles to reach a point where you understand things more clearly, Getting old? With a little bit of luck, it’ll happen to all of us.” As for his reputation as a hard-edge hooligan, Richards says: “Unless I’m pushed, I’m the nicest guy in the world….So was the Godfather, right?”


Sophie B. Hawkins’s debut album, Tongues and Tails, includes a cover of her favorite song, Bob Dylan’s “I Want You.” When Hawkins, 26, was asked to sing it at a Madison Square Garden concert honoring Dylan, she got to meet him backstage. “We were looking at each other for a long time,” recalls Hawkins. “Then I said, ‘I’m Sophie,’ and he goes, ‘Oh.’ I walked away. In 20 years, if somebody who really loved me came up and just looked at me, I would understand it more than words.” So how does she feel about the master now? “I love Bob Dylan—especially when he was in the Beatles.”


In the movie My New Gun, which opens Nov. 13, Diane Lane receives a pistol from her concerned husband. In real life, Lane, 27, is pro gun control but still has the .38 she got before motoring cross-country in 1985. “If something happened on an interstate at 3 in the morning,” she says, “and I’m 20 years old, driving with my furniture, my cat and my guitar…I was not about to sit in my car unarmed. But the concept of stopping somebody with a bullet—shredding their flesh—that’s weird.” She would rather ice them with science. “It would be nice,” says Lane, “if we had laser guns that could freeze people.”


In Disney’s new animated feature, Aladdin, Gilbert Gottfried is the voice of Iago, which he describes as a “Jewish-Arabian parrot.” This pleases the comic’s mother (“She always told me, ‘Gilbert, don’t grow up to be an accountant! Be a Jewish-Arabian parrot!’ “) and his employer, USA cable’s Up All Night (“They said, ‘We’re happy you’ve been able to get work elsewhere’ “). Mostly, though, it pleases the work-hungry Gottfried, 37. “When studios call me up and go, ‘Well, it’s nonunion and there’s some nudity,’ I go, ‘Fine, no problem.’ I’ll be playing Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct II. I was also her body double in the first one, you know….”