October 26, 1992 12:00 PM


In the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Jack Lemmon’s graying real estate salesman tries to keep up with younger colleagues. Insists the actor, 67: “I feel like I’m in my 40s. As long as you feel and think that way, oh boy, will that affect how you are.” Still, he realizes that age would be a factor if, as he hopes, there is a sequel to his 1968 hit, The Odd Couple. “Walter Matthau and I get thrown back together because our son and daughter want to get married,” he says. “It’s a terrific device because you’ve got a young couple—it’s not just the old poops.”


JoBeth Williams is often cast as a mother, from 1982’s Poltergeist to this week’s NBC telemovie with Chris (Life Goes On) Burke, Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted. Yet for many of those years, she and husband John Pasquin, Home Improvement’s director-producer, tried vainly to conceive. “We went through every kind of treatment, and it was very hard on the marriage, says the actress, 43. “Playing mothers was a kind of substitute.” Now, with sons aged 5 and 2—both adopted in infancy—Williams seeks a new, nonmaternal image. “It’s hard. You can only make choices among what’s offered and, as Robert Mitchum said, I try to pick the role that’s least embarrassing.”


Going to Extremes, ABC’s new series about Americans at a Caribbean med school, is filmed in Jamaica. Paradise, alas, isn’t always a picnic. Says June Chadwick, the show’s sexy Dr. Davis: “There’s great seafood, but mostly there’s a helluva lot of take-your-mouth-off jerk chicken and jerk pork. When I had a couple of weeks off, I went home to L.A. and ate lots and lots of Caesar salads in real restaurants, of which there are not a lot here.” But the British-born actress, 40, concedes she’ll gladly stomach the local grub as long as the Nielsens hold. “With any luck,” she says, “we’ll all still be here in five years.”


Prince Andrew, 32, recently jetted to Canada to attend homecoming weekend at Lakefield College near Peterborough, Ont. He got to fire the starter’s pistol for a cross-country race and later reminisced with students about his five months there as an exchange student in 1977. Andrew recalled that when a Lakefield art teacher had criticized his painting of the Scottish Highlands, he countered with this impromptu get-rich-quick proposal: “You know, sir, with your talent and my signature, we could make a killing.”

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